7 Tips for Smoking Filtered Cigars


Filtered cigars have found a niche among cigarette smokers who are trying to reduce the amount of nicotine that they are inhaling. These types of cigars contain considerably less nicotine than ordinary cigarettes. However, they are more like traditional cigars because they are not to be inhaled. Just like standard cigars, filtered cigars are meant to be smoked. But they are smaller than traditional cigars. As such, they are a cheaper version of cigars.

What Are Filtered Cigars?

Basically, filtered cigars are the smaller versions of the traditional cigars. They are also made of the same tobacco leaf and also offer a very smooth taste. Filtered cigars also protect the lips of the user from the particulates and the discoloration caused by the smoke. Just like premium cigars, filtered cigars also provide high quality smoke. The wrapper of filtered cigars is not made of paper but of the same tobacco leaf that is rolled inside. These types of cigars offer almost the same smoking experience that can be obtained from conventional premium cigars. The tobacco that is used in making filtered cigars are fermented or aged so that they can imbue various types of flavors.

What’s The Difference Between Filtered Cigars And Ordinary Cigarettes?

At first glance, filtered cigars appear to be very similar to ordinary cigarettes. But there are a few differences.

  • The typical cigarettes are wrapped in paper while filtered cigars are wrapped in tobacco leaf that could be the same as the leaf inside the roll.
  • Filtered cigars are offered with many flavors.
  • Cigarettes are made of tobacco blends that give their particular flavors.
  • The tobacco leaves used in filtered cigars are fermented and aged, while the tobacco leaves used in making cigarettes are not.
  • The filters of cigarettes and filtered cigars may or may not be the same.
  • Filtered cigars are more expensive than ordinary cigarettes.
  • Filtered cigars contain considerably less nicotine than ordinary cigarettes.

Advantages Of Filtered Cigars Over Ordinary Cigarettes

Some smokers have found several advantages of filtered cigarettes over the typical cigarettes which induced them to switch. Here are some of their advantages.

  1. Filtered cigarettes offer a high quality smoke mainly because of their distinct flavors. Therefore, the smoker tends to enjoy the cigar longer. That means he smokes the cigar much longer than if he would smoke a cigarette. In that sense, it takes a longer time to completely smoke a filtered cigar.
  2. Filtered cigars are a cost efficient substitute to cigarettes. Smokers of filtered cigars claim that they are only spending about 25 percent of the amount they use to spend in smoking conventional cigarettes.
  3. The tastes of filtered cigars are much better than ordinary cigarettes. That’s because the tobacco leaves that are used in making filtered cigars are fermented and aged before they are rolled. In fact, filtered cigars offer various flavors unlike ordinary cigarettes which are limited to just one or two.
  4. Filtered cigars contain much less nicotine. Therefore, they are perfect for those who want to smoke and cut their nicotine.

Tips For Smoking Filtered Cigars

Here are some tips on how to smoke filtered cigars.

  1. Start smoking a filtered cigar as if you are just smoking an ordinary filtered cigarette.
  2. Clip the tip of the cigar with a cigar clipper.
  3. Prime the tobacco by keeping the tip of the cigar slightly above the flame. Ensure an even burn by spinning the tip of the cigar around the flame.
  4. When an orange glow starts to develop on the cigar tip, puff the cigar in the mouth. Then ‘suck’ in the smoke as if you are drinking water by using a straw. Fill the mouth with smoke and then blow the smoke out. Repeat this about four or five times until white smoke is produced.
  5. Keep the filtered cigar lit and keep on smoking by taking a ‘sip’ or a drag every minute. Hold the smoke inside the mouth for a few seconds before gently exhaling it. Taste the richness of the flavor that is left behind in the mouth. Inhaling the smoke is also an option that some filtered cigar smokers enjoy.
  6. Suck the smoke of the filtered cigar to get its flavor. The smoke should not be inhaled down to the lungs. Doing so will induce coughing. The smoke is supposed to be ‘rolled’ around and inside the mouth.
  7. For those who are looking for a cigarette substitute, do not use oddly flavored or fruity flavored filtered cigars. Some say that these types of flavors will not give the brain sufficient similarities to typical cigarettes that are being replaced.