7 Things to incorporate in your Living Room Design


The living room is one of the most used spaces in the home where residents can enjoy spending time together in a comfortable space. The living room should be styled well with current trends incorporated to create an updated space that feels like home. To enhance your living room design, there are a few important features to incorporate to create a stunning setting.

1. Statement Furniture
According to stylecaster.com, it’s important to use a furniture item that is dominant in the room and works as one of the main focal points. Spend more money on an iconic piece of furniture that has a high level of design and then go leaner on the rest of the room. Consider using a chaise or a midcentury couch for the statement piece that is dramatic and impressive to your guests.

2. Oversized Rugs
An oversized rug is ideal for large rooms because it can allow the furniture to look complete and will add extra warmth to the floors. According to architecturaldigest.com, the rug is the foundation of the space and should be picked out before the furniture is chosen when you’re redesigning the room.

Use an oversized rug that has a bold print and works the other color shades in the room around the rug. Allow the front legs of each furniture item to rest on the rug to allow everything to flow well with one another and appear connected. Use a print that includes a herringbone design or a chevron print.

3. Wallpaper
Wallpaper dresses up living rooms and allows it to look more expensive with its design. Consider applying wallpaper on an accent wall, which will draw more attention to a specific part of the room. Consider applying wallpaper on the wall that faces the entryway. You can also use wallpaper in smaller living rooms and add mirrors to reflect more light and prevent the space from feeling closed in. Use wallpaper that features rich color shades to create a warm and cozy setting that has plenty of appeal.

4. Soft Throws
Soft throw blankets that are cozy and luxurious will add extra detail and texture when draped over a couch or chair. Use soft throws in living rooms to make the room feel inviting and cozy in each season. You can also drape the throw at the end of a chaise to add a fun detail that makes it easy to relax and lounge in the room.

5. Poufs
Poufs can allow the living room to feel more relaxing and are often used near couches or on lounge chairs. Use Moroccan poufs to rest your feet on or as an extra seating area where guests can sit. You can also use poufs to close in the sitting area and allow it to look more formal with a designated spot to converse.

You can even use a few poufs in lieu of a coffee table for a place to hold books or magazines. The poufs can also hold serving trays, which are a popular piece of decor that is used to hold drinks or framed photos.

6. Colorful Art
Make a statement with a colorful art piece that hangs above the fireplace or one of the larger walls in the living room. Stash Home said, “Using a large art piece will enhance the drama of the space and will allow the home to look professionally decorated.” This will also incorporate more color shades into the room to avoid using too many neutrals, which can cause the space to look bland and underwhelming. Use the art to represent your personality and allow the room to feel custom with its design. Avoid using neutral art unless there are already plenty of colors used with the decor that is on display in the living room.

7. Overhead Lighting
Make an impression with overhead lighting that will add extra luxe in the living room while also brightening up the environment. Invest in a single chandelier or an overhead light, which will set the style and tone of the room. Consider using industrial lighting for modern decor or hang a glamorous chandelier with crystals for a regal space that is more feminine.