7 Supplements that Boost Strength Performance


Adding weights to your workout is an excellent way to build muscle mass, increase blood flow to bones and keep your joints supple. If you’re experiencing post-workout pain or just struggling with low energy as you work to build muscle, the supplements listed below may be of help.

  1. Creatine

For long-lasting energy during workout classes or heavy lifting sessions, try creatine before your workout. Creatine will be there for you when your muscle pump teacher takes the intensity up a notch. You’ll find you have more energy during the most intensive points of your workout. If you’re adding cardio to a weight workout, take creatine before you hit the gym.

  1. Glutamine

Glutamine is an amino acid produced by the body. While the precise benefits of glutamine supplements are as yet undocumented, many body builders find glutamine supplements help them build muscle and reduce the risk of infections. A good workout boosts your heart rate and causes your respiration rate to increase. Many beginning body builders suffer from respiratory infections when they start out. Glutamine is a great way to guard your immune system and protect your lungs as you develop your body building workout.

  1. Carnitine

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and increasing your protein intake is critical if you want to build muscle mass. Carnitine is an excellent supplement for helping your muscles recover after intense resistance training. Growing muscles is a process of damage and repair, because heavy resistance training causes tiny areas of damage. New muscle growth fills in the damage, and the muscle mass increases. Protein supplements and a balanced workout schedule are the healthiest ways to build muscle tissue. Work with a personal trainer to change up your workouts to allow for natural recovery as well.

  1. Whey Protein

If post workout joint pain is slowing down the intensity or frequency of your weight training, add whey protein to your routine. Depending on your workout goals and intensity, whey protein acts quickly and can greatly speed your recovery and reduce stiffness and pain during recovery. Whey protein is a common ingredient in many protein shakes and is easily available in powder form. A well-balanced protein shake can reduce post workout pain and give you enough carbohydrates to enjoy a consistent energy flow after your workout until you have time for a balanced meal.

  1. Vitamin A

If you find yourself struggling with infection after infection, low levels of vitamin A may be a source of your illness, according to CrazyMass. This critical nutrient protects your body by strengthening the lining tissues of the body. Moist tissues around the eyes and in the respiratory tract are strengthened by a healthy vitamin A level and can protect your immune system from foreign bacteria. Additionally, white blood cells known as lymphocytes work more effectively when your body is fully supplied with vitamin A.

  1. Vitamin B6 and B12

The B vitamins are critical to red blood cell formation and the proper functioning of the central nervous system. Additionally, B vitamins can boost your immune system. Maintaining a steady intake of B vitamins can protect your body, brain and heart from sluggishness and breakdowns. Because they boost red blood cell formation, the B vitamin group can increase the efficiency of oxygen flow and reduce the load on your heart.

  1. Zinc

Zinc offers an amazing boost to the immune system. As winter comes on and we spend more time indoors, we lose access to natural light and fresh air. A supplement containing plenty of zinc can reduce your risk of viral infection and keep you from succumbing to the general round of infections that get passed around during the fall and winter. No need to waste time getting over colds and flu with the immune protecting power of zinc!


Hitting the gym can help you build muscle, increase your strength and improve your overall physical condition. However, it can also expose you to a whole new community of airborne viruses and surface bacteria. Building up your protein intake and your immune system can aid you in your fitness goals and keep your workouts strong from start to finish.

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