7 Simple Ways to Display Framed Photographs Throughout Your House


Part of living a full, rich life is having a stable, steady support system of close family and friends. It is natural to want to surround ourselves with small mementos and reminders of the ones we love and that love us as we go about our day. There is perhaps no more cherished decoration than framed photos of family, friends and loved ones. But ultimately, there is only so much wall space to go around in any home. There are a great number of ways, however, to display framed photographs all throughout your home. Here are 7 simple ways to keep yourself constantly surrounded by family and friends with framed photographs.

1. Create a gallery wall

Giant, open wall spaces are not conducive to smaller photos, but you also may not want a single giant photo of a single individual filling up an entire wall either. Even a group photo at a family gathering or gathering of friends may look out of place if blown up too large. You can create a beautiful piece of art, however, but using a number of smaller frames to create a gallery wall. You can use a number of frames that are all the same size and shape to create a uniform look or you can mix and match a number of different frames in different sizes, shapes and colors. Here are some great ideas to inspire you to help you create a gallery wall with all your favorite photos.

2. Use your mantel

If you have a fireplace, a mantel can be a great place to display treasured family photos. You can also decorate the mantel seasonally to lend a festive air to a room while still creating space for your most treasured photos. Mantels are a great place to display a collection of smaller framed photos or even a larger group photo from a family gathering or event. If you have a particularly beloved relative, you can even use an oversized photo of them to keep watch over your entire home.

3. Use a picture ledge

Picture ledges are a popular way of turning large photos into a unique piece of wall art. Picture ledges not only give you a unique way to display photos, but they also allow you to add decorative touches that accent the photo. For instance you can place letter blocks next to the photo that spell out words like “love,” “cherish” or “treasure” next to your loved ones or even “sister” or “brother” next to family members. You can place candles next to a photo of a deceased loved one or even place mementos of a special trip or event with your family member or loved one next to their photo.

4. Use a family tree tabletop display

Family tree tabletop displays are gaining in popularity and there are a wide variety of them to choose from. They are made from a wide variety of materials to accent almost any type of decor, ranging from bold cast iron to delicate silver. They also come with a number of different frames in a variety of sizes. From petite displays suitable for the smallest accent table to stunning pieces suitable for a large unused dining room table.

5. Photo frame room divider

If you live in a small space or even a studio apartment, you can allow your framed photos to do double duty as a clever room divider. Even if you live in a larger space that doesn’t need to be divided, a photo frame room divider still creates a stunning, freestanding decorative piece for any room.

6. Bookshelves

Bookshelves are a great place to display framed photos. Many bookshelves are deep enough that you don’t even have to choose between housing your books or displaying your photos. Just place framed photographs in front of your books. You can also create interesting arrangements by using bookends to house both books and photos in their own separate areas.

7. French door picture frame

Another great way to display photos in a piece that does double duty as something else is to create a French door picture frame. Not only does a French door picture frame create a stunning way to display framed photos, but it also gives you a great place to hang hats, coats and umbrellas.

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