7 Simple Newborn Photoshoot Ideas that will be Treasures


Anyone who has ever tried to photograph a newborn knows that it isn’t easy, but it’s always worth the extra effort it takes to get that perfect shot. You’ll want to give some thought beforehand to poses you’ll try, and to special props that will be used. It’s also good to plan ahead if you want Mom and Dad to be in photos.

You’ll want to set up your photo area first. Talk to baby in a calm, soothing voice. If he or she likes white noise, there are phone apps you can use to provide those calming sounds. If baby has a particular music maker he or she loves, have that handy. Anything that will keep baby calm and relaxed is a good bet.

Other Good Tips for Setting up your Photo Shoot:
According to Amy Tripple Photography, be sure the room is warm enough, especially if you’re taking shots of baby unclothed, or in limited clothing. Bundle baby up in blankets, or simply use them to surround baby in a cloud of softness, especially when using props. Always pay special attention to keeping baby warm enough and comfortable, and your photo shoot will most likely go off without a hitch.

It’s important to try to tell a meaningful story with baby photos. Creativity and humor are two great qualities to have in baby photos. Here are seven cute and simple ideas for getting newborn photos that will be treasured:
1. Props that baby will fit into – These can include cute baskets, decorative containers like flower pots, crates, suitcases, and any other cute props you can think of that will provide extra visual interest.

2. Photos with Mom – These will always be treasured, whether Mom and her little one are lying on a pillow in various poses, or you have Mom kissing the top of baby’s little head. Any photos of the two of them together will be treasured. Babies are only this tiny for a short time!

3. Dad and baby poses – Creativity will yield you adorable photos. You can go with the classic Dad kissing baby, but also cradling baby, like a football perhaps? Or any other creative pose.

4. Pets and siblings – Pets and siblings always add that extra factor of adorable to newborn photos. Pose baby laying near a pet or being held by a sibling for some cute effects.

5. Photos with meaningful props – Have Mom and Dad put thought into props that hold special meaning for them, and run with that. Is Dad a firefighter? Pose baby with his fireman hat, boots or accessories. If baby’s parents like everything western, you might try putting baby in a cowboy boot for cuteness! Is either Dad or Mom a musician? Pose baby with a guitar or sheet music. You could pose baby with Dad’s high school football jersey for an even more meaningful photo session, or surrounded by Grandpa’s train set.

6. Seasonal props – Props for each season can include flags for summertime babies, pumpkins, colorful leaves and gourds for fall tykes, soft red fur stockings or Santa hats for winter babies and cute planters or plant sprinklers for springtime cuties.

7. Family memory shots – Mementos like Mom and Dad’s wedding rings look adorable on tiny baby toes, or try other meaningful family props from the wedding or engagement to show that a couple’s love is what led to this new life.

Patience is a Virtue
The thing to remember when photographing newborns is that your patience will be rewarded with sweet shots. If baby begins to cry, you may be able to grab some great real life shots of Mom and Dad soothing baby. If it’s time for a diaper change, even changing table shots can be cute with a little creativity.

When baby is warm, comfortable, well fed and happy is when the best magic will usually happen. Everyone from Mom and Dad to grandparents and extended family will appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort that went into creating a memorable newborn photo session. Photographs last virtually forever, but babies are only this tiny for a short time. Capturing special newborn photos that become treasures is possible with planning, persistence and patience.