7 Savvy Ideas for Decorating Your Home with a Beachy Feel


To turn a house into a home, it is very important to decorate. Home decor is a perfect way to display your personal style and flair in a physical form. Whether you love specific cultures, color schemes or animals, these things can be easily displayed through what you put in your home. There are many people who live for the beach. They enjoy the sand in between the toes and inhaling the salty ocean air. If you fall into this category, chances are you’d like to decorate your home with a beachy feel. If so, seven savvy ideas to bring the beach to the inside of your home.

1. Weathered/Distressed Wood
As the water and sand wash up on the docks and piers, the wood naturally gets weathered and distressed. When you walk along a boardwalk, it’s normally made out of wood. While the wood may be sturdy, it’s typically weathered. Try a DIY project with your furniture or go purchase furniture you can DIY. Purchase a wooden coffee table from your local thrift shop. Paint it off-white. Take a piece of sandpaper and begin to lightly sand it for a distressed look.

2. Ombre Blue Walls
Recreate the ocean with ombre blue walls. Purchase different shades of blue paints. Make sure to purchase a glaze paint as well. For a free-flowing ocean effect, try an ombre blue wall using a watercolor technique. Using a paper towel, rub the paints onto the wall in order from darkest to lightest. This will create a gradient effect and will draw the eye in. Fill a spray bottle with water to spray and wipe as you paint. The water will help blend the colors together and maintain the watercolor effect.

3. Neutral Colored Furniture
Unless you’re wearing a bikini with florescent yellows and hot pinks, these colors really have no place in beach decor. Choose couches and pillows that are within the colors you’d actually find at the beach. Colors like off-white, cream, light blue, turquoise and even brown are perfect.

4. Rope Curtain Tiebacks
It’s a good idea to purchase neutral-colored curtains, but don’t be afraid to try a navy blue chevron print or something bold. Big Ship Salvage said, “The beach motif can be still be powerful with curtains that are pulled back by ropes.” During the day when you draw back the curtains, use ropes to connect to the wall and drape as tiebacks. These small details make a big contribution to a room conveying beachy sentiments.

5. Sand in Vases
Purchase lots of clear glass vases. As you put them in different areas of the room, you can fill them with a variety of things. One great option is sand. You can either go to the beach and get sand or purchase it at the local home furnishings or craft store. After pouring at least a cup of sand in a vase, place items like candles or grass inside.

6. Starfish, Seashells & Anchors
Starfish, seashells and anchors are some of the things you’ll easily find at the beach. Many home furnishing stores carry large starfish replicas you can hang in your walls. Seashells are really easy to find. You can take another clear glass vase and fill it up with seashells. You might even want to try placing a bunch of seashells in a bowl and placing them in the center of the coffee table. Anchors are pretty easy to find online as well. It’s probably not wise to purchase a real anchor. Purchase a fake one to hang on the wall.

7. Beach Artwork
Artwork is an important part of home decor. There’s nothing worse than dealing with an empty wall space. There are lots of ways to fill up your walls with beautiful artwork. If you have any personal photos you’ve taken at the beach, blow them up and place them on a canvas. If you prefer paintings, search online for different paintings of the beach to purchase. It’s really simple to get pictures framed and hung. It’s worth the effort because it can make a dramatic difference in filling up the room.

These seven ideas are actually great to use simultaneously. The beach has a variety of textures from sand, water, seashells, wood and more. Incorporate these textures through the furniture, blankets, accents and more. When in doubt, stay on the side of simplicity and do various Google searches for inspiration.