7 Romantic Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love


Surprising your girlfriend with a special gift is a proven way to keep your relationship active and the romance alive. There are plenty of gift options out there that measure just how far you are willing to go to show your love.

Fortunately, romantic gifts are not about expense or complexity, but about turning something simple into something unique and special for the couple. At times, it is the idea behind the gift what truly takes your beloved’s breath away.

Here are 7 romantic gifts your girlfriend will definitely love.

1. At-home spa

When you want her to feel pampered, but prefer to do it in the comfort of home, treat your girlfriend to an at-home “spa” that includes bath bombs, lotion, a silk robe, and a bottle of her favorite wine or non-alcoholic beverage. Bath bombs are quite luxurious and are now made with essential oils and scents that make baths fun and relaxing. Bath bombs are usually sold as packages that come with matching lotions and splash waters.

The best part is that they typically come in beautiful packaging, so you won’t have to spend too much time wrapping gifts.

2. Engraved bracelet

Select a cuff, or a bracelet wide enough, that can fit more than 3 or 4 words. Choose bracelets made of metal, or select a piece of smooth metal yourself and have it shaped like a bracelet. Have the bracelet engraved with all the attributes that make your girlfriend unique. Words such as “beautiful,” “amazing,” “creative,” and “hard-working” can be written all over the bracelet.

Every time your girlfriend looks at her bracelet she will “receive” a compliment from you, even when you are not there. There is no better way to remind someone how much and how well you think of them.

3. Engraved “Date Night” lipstick

Is there a lipstick color that looks particularly smashing in your girl? Tell her so, by purchasing the lipstick and engraving its cap with the words “Date Night.” You will be paying your girlfriend a compliment, plus it will also help her a lot when choosing her outfits for future dates, since she will already have her make up figured out. Now that she knows that you love that color on her, she will feel more confident knowing that you absolutely approve.

4. A framed receipt, picture, or anything ever shared together for the first time

Did you ever keep the receipt from the first coffee date you had together? A screenshot of your friend requests in social media? Or even the first card or postcard you ever sent to one another? Frame them in a minimalist frame, and sign it with the date of the event. It is a great way to show your attention to detail, and the simplicity of the gift shows that you share inside information that is only known to the two of you.

5. Personally-made “passport”

Rather than posting your outings in social media, keep a small pocket “passport” with pictures, receipts, or other mementos of all the places you have visited together. Keep pages blank, or pre- fill them with destinations that you wish to visit together. Give yourselves a night out each time a passport is filled out completely.

6. Private Chef visit

Rather than spending a night out, invite one of the hundreds of personal chef willing to offer their services in your home. Treat your girl (and yourself) to a delicious, private gourmet dinner. You can search for personal chef services via hire a chef or you can find them locally via social media pages, online searches, and newspaper ads.

Hundreds of culinary students build their portfolios and support themselves by offering personal services. You get to support your community, please your girlfriend, and be the winner of dinner, all in one night.

7. Monogrammed scarf

For those cold months, what better way to keep your sweetheart warm than with a cozy, wool scarf with your initials (or just hers) monogrammed on it? Infuse the scarf with a couple of drops of your own cologne or with her favorite essential oils to make it even more special. Go for a neutral color, such as beige, black, blue, or red, so that she can have several outfit choices to wear the scarf with. Don’t forget to add your personal note, mentioning how you wish to be there to keep her warm as well.

There has never been an easier way to make your girlfriend feel special. Any of these
awesome gifts is sure to put a smile on your girl’s face.

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