7 Maintenance Tips that Will Keep Your Laundromat Running


Like with any business, you will need to make sure that you factor in machine upkeep into your budget. However, maintenance is often an even larger concern for laundromats because their machines are running constantly and often late into the night. If your laundromat is filled with machines that are out-of-order, this will hurt your business’s brand and its bottom line. Also, like with most machines, regular maintenance early on will allow you to avoid more expensive repairs in the future.

1. Keep Your Washing Machines Clean
Keeping your washing machines clean will not only cause your laundromat to look more professional, allowing you to compete with the other 35,000 laundries in the United States, but will also help the machines last longer. Clean washing machines will cause customers to want to visit your laundromat over others. They need a light cleaning periodically so that the daily use of each washer does not lead to machines corroding and breaking down early. Given that there are no specific regulations regarding the cleanliness of a laundromat, this is an area you must resist the temptation to not adequately address.

2. Perform Daily Inspections
Inspect your washing machine every day to make sure that it is upright. Open and close the door to make sure that it functions properly. Check the drain to verify that it is functioning properly and that it is not leaking. Check the door seal for signs of foreign material.

3. Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions
According to Laundry Equipment Services, Inc., “Manufacturers will usually provide a list of instructions for how to perform preventative maintenance on their equipment.” Newer washing machines will usually generate error codes that will allow you to diagnose what is wrong with the washing machine.

4. Find a Trustworthy Service Technician
You will need to find a service technician whom you find trustworthy who will visit your laundromat regularly to make sure that your machines are well-maintained. Technicians who do not properly diagnose a problem with your machine will have to make multiple trips to your business to repair the machine. You could perform some inspections yourself, such as making sure that the drive belt has proper tension. However, it is safer to have these maintenance tasks performed by professionals.

Make sure that the technician installs the washing machine based on manufacturer’s specifications. Ideally, new washing machines should be installed by the dealer since their technicians will be trained on the correct way to install their particular brand.

5. Solve Problems Quickly
It is much better to solve a problem quickly than it is to allow it to worsen. Electrical problems, issues with the motor and leakage will worsen if it is not corrected early. You may be forced to replace the washing machine.

6. Talk to the Customers
Ask your customers about whether the washing machines are working properly. Especially ask customers who are regulars. Offer incentives for participation by giving away discounts in exchange for participating in the survey.

7. Perform Some Maintenance Yourself
If you perform any maintenance yourself, make sure that the washing machine is unplugged before doing so. Rather than wait for something to come loose, tighten all screws and nuts annually. If the washing machine falls apart while in use, it is more likely to experience more severe damage. Make sure that all panels are put back in place before plugging the washing machine in again.

These maintenance tips may make running a laundromat involve more work, but your laundromat will also be more profitable. Laundromats have become neighborhood gathering places in many communities, and yours is the most likely to reach this level of success if you take good care of it.

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