7 Ideas for Buying the Perfect Baby Shower Gift


Shopping for a baby shower can be a thrilling, yet exhausting task. On the one hand, you want to find the perfect gift for the new parents which will be the perfect combination of adorable and useful. On the other hand, you don’t want to get a common gift that at least 4 of the other shower attendees will likely have brought and you don’t want to break your budget to purchase a shower gift. To help you find the perfect baby shower gift that will amaze the new parents and be pleasing to your bank account, here are 7 unique ideas for buying the perfect baby shower gift. 

1. Search planning and organization sites to find unique spins on traditional gifts. 

Websites like Pinterest are excellent for finding unique and inexpensive gift ideas for baby showers and other themed parties. 

2. Explore do it yourself options for baby gifts 

Do it yourself options are often thoughtful, creative, and less expensive than baby shower gifts that are purchased from the traditional shopping centers. In the case of baby lotions and body washes, do it yourself gifts are even healthier for babies than those purchased from stores. Exploring do it yourself options cal help you find the perfect baby shower gift for a very reasonable price. 

3. Remember the new parents when shopping for a gift. 

It is easy to purchase a gift that can only be used for the new baby while shopping for baby shower gifts, but shower attendees who remember the needs of the parents will be greatly appreciated. In addition to the primary shower gift, splurge for a gift that can be used by the parents to treat any stress or difficulties they may encounter during their adjustment period with the new baby. Gift cards to restaurants or spas make perfect gifts for new parents. 

4. Let the parents’ style as a couple influence the selection of a shower gift. 

The new parents’ style of dress and home decor should also influence the selection of the perfect baby shower gift. Items like strollers, diaper pails, baby clothing, and diaper bags should all be matched to this style to satisfy the desires of the new parents and ensure that they will not need to return the gift. 

5. Allow the number of children the couple has to influence the shower gift. 

If the baby shower is being held for the couple’s first baby, every baby item is probably needed. The parents will not have any baby items to begin with, so large items like strollers and changing tables can still be effective as shower gifts. If the couple is having their second or third child, however, they probably own basic baby items like strollers and shower attendees should bring gifts that are specific to this child. 

6. Take cues from the baby shower registry. 

Often, baby shower attendees neglect the shower registry in favor of their own personal choices. This is usually a mistake. The parents created the registry to show the sort of baby shower items that they need or like. Even if this registry is not directly adhered to, it should certainly be used as a guide to determine what the perfect gift should be. 

7. Choose practical gifts for the benefit of the parents.

Gifts that work on a practical level are often very beneficial to new parents. Gadgets like bottle warmers and stroller organizers seem simple, but offer a sense of structure to days that can be overwhelming to new parents. Remember to choose gifts that have a practical as well as a decorative function so that new parents can gain the maximum use out of the baby shower gift. Also remember to include practical items that may be overlooked by other shower attendees such as diaper rash prevention ointment, infant approved numbing gel for the baby’s gums, pacifier and bottle cleaners, bed sheets, and laundry detergent for infant clothes. These gifts can be easily and creatively placed inside of the primary gift or in a small gift bag. 

Whatever you choose when selecting the perfect baby shower gift should show that you are excited for the new addition to the couple’s family. Shower gifts can be practical, creative, and fun, so enjoy the process. Find unique options that shock and surprise the new parents.

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