7 Creative Ways to Use Wooden Roses


Flowers are as ubiquitous as clouds, and their cultural significance permeates humanity across a spectrum of emotions. From celebrating life and love to honoring the dead and departed, the use of flowers is a custom that has persisted for generations. Many make the assumption that live flowers must be used in celebrations and gifts, but artificial flowers made from recycled materials can be just as beautiful. The allure of wooden roses will last far longer than the wilt of live blooms, and there are a variety of creative ways to make use of them.

1. Wedding Day
A celebration of nuptials cannot be complete without a splay of elegant flowers. The flower industry makes a killing off of the sale of fresh blooms that are only discarded after the ceremony. Wooden roses can allow a bride to have keepsakes that will last for years, flowers that could even be shared with other family members for their own weddings. Whether it’s a centerpiece, bouquet or a backdrop, wooden roses will make quite a splash during a wedding ceremony.

2. Parade Floats 
The Rose Parade is certainly a heady display of vibrant blooms and a colossal amount of work and man hours to construct such elaborate flower displays, but you hardly need real flowers to get a parade off the ground. If you’ve got a parade float to design, wooden roses can come in handy because of their durability. You don’t have to worry about the petals of wooden flowers scattering in the wind, and the same blossoms can be maintained for your float next year.

3. Home Decor
Wooden flowers can spruce up a drab room in a heartbeat. If you have a lot of wooden furniture, wooden roses with a natural grain finish will mesh with your design scheme seamlessly. According to Wooden Roses Factory Direct, wooden flowers that mimic the colors and shapes of real flowers can also offer the same beauty of natural blooms, without the need for watering. Instead of just using vases, consider fastening roses to your walls or door frame to create the illusion of flowers erupting from your home’s infrastructure.

4. Valentine’s Day
Offering a flowery arrangement is a classic way to show your Valentine you care. A gift of wooden roses can be a step above the traditional route, as it’s more inventive and unique than what is commonly expected. You can order wooden flower arrangements that are personalized with special materials like book pages, ribbon and burlap. Consider your Valentine’s personality to determine the best blooms.

5. Halloween
While you may not automatically associate Halloween with flowers, you should consider the potential wooden roses can create. Unlike real flowers, wooden roses can be manufactured at varying sizes, and you can even craft your own flowers to be much larger than anything that occurs in nature. This allows for some whimsical decorating options, especially if you’re planning a party with a fantasy theme. It’s also easier to coordinate darkly beautiful roses that are black or splashed with glitter and plumes of color like a nebula.

6. Memorials
Losing the ones we love most is always difficult, and the pain of lost touch can never fade. Wooden roses are a lovely way to provide an offering over a gravestone or other memorial statuary. Wooden flowers won’t wilt in the rain or die in the snow. They are a great alternative to real flowers because they are far more efficient to maintain, and you can even affix them to an urn.

7. Fashion
Flowers make for excellent accessories and you don’t even have to be a hippy to take part in the fashion trend. A single wooden rose can be easily glued to a pin so that you can fasten it onto a shirt, dress or suit. You can also add wooden roses to hair bands and bobby pins to add a quick burst of intrigue to your hair. You can experiment with color, size and quantity to achieve the flower fashions of your dreams.

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