7 Crazy Tips for Your Children’s First Surfing Lesson


Surfing is fun. However, getting the surfing board to begin the lesson is quite challenging for many. Several parents who are surfers desire to transfer the surfing skill to their kids. The kids are quite critical in training and hence sufficient tips need to be in the application for the child to be able to become a great surfer.

Some children give up during the process of learning. Probably, the trainer is unfriendly. Other factors like fearing to get into the water may affect the child’s learning. However, when the trainer has the best surfing tips to guide the children, they will be willing to give an attempt to the surfing process.

1- Basics and Patience

Basics like the side to wax, sunscreen on the kid’s legs which will make the board slippery, the kind of leg that the leash will go on and the ideology that the girls should be wearing reflectives helps and the great deal in the children’s process of learning.

Additionally, the children take time to learn. Hence, as a trainer, when introducing the skill, it is essential to ensure that it is under repeat several times so that it can be under mastering. Teachers should be patient enough for the child to learn all the basics.

2- Warm Water

Many children fear surfing in cold water. They withdraw from the lessons due to the effects of cold water. Hence, in the first lesson, it is vital to observe the climatic conditions. It should be during a sunny day. Additionally, deep waters tend to be quite cold. Hence, during the beginner lessons, it is important to train the child in shallow waters since they are quite warm.

3- Company of a Friend

Children don’t like learning when they are by themselves. With the company of their friends, they will enjoy the waves and finally, they end up grabbing the surfing skill. Hence, it is essential to ensure that the children going for surfing lessons are in the company of their friends. It makes the learning interesting as each child will be competing to be the first to know the idea of surfing.

4- Go Finless

When the kids get to their feet, they ride on the waves as long as they can. It is a natural skill for every child to ride on waves. Nevertheless, it becomes quite challenging for them to get to the shores with the pesky fins tracking through the sand. Hence, the best solution is having them to begin their lessons with finless boards. Also, for freedom of surfing on the board, it is appropriate to encourage them to wear unbuttoned shirts with collars.

5- Learning to Swim

It seems obvious to many, but it is one critical tip that should be in consideration. The kid should be taken through the swimming training because the boards can slide sometimes causing unpredictable sinking. It is not only the kids who should be trained in the skill; their trainers should also have the capability to swim for them to be able to save the children when they slide on the surf boards.

6- Sharks

It sounds like a joke to tell a kid that there are sharks in the water. However, it is one way of making the child to freak out and quickly learn surfing. For instance, if a child asks whether there are sharks in the water, the trainer can use the chance to tell him or her that the sharks are many and only come for the kids who are not willing to learn surfing. Since the child has limited knowledge concerning the sharks, he or she will quickly take up the chance and learn surfing.

7- Going for Bigger Surfing Boards

Paddling is one sucking process for the kids. Probably, the muscles of the children are still under development hence their arms don’t extend to the deeper water much further than the wrist. Hence, it makes the paddling skill to be a tough thing to master. Thus, it is important to go with bigger boards since, the bigger the board, the easier the paddling process.

Recreational activities for the kids should not only be limited to swimming, but other activities like surfing should also be under introduction. For more tips on the first surfing lessons for the children, visiting the surfing websites will help a great deal.