7 Clever Tips for Choosing Your Paint Color


The paint color you want for your homes or offices can affect your mood and even the level of motivation. The right color will impress your guests or clients. It will help you build an impression with your friends, family or business acquaintances. A poor choice of paint color, on the other hand, can cost you significantly especially when you decide to sell your house. The following tips will be useful in helping you choose the paint right color for your home.

1. Consider the Furniture and Other Permanent Fixtures

While some people consider choosing the paint first then décor and garnitures later, it is much simpler for you to get your ideal décor for your home or office and afterward look for an excellent paint that will match what is in the room. It is also important for you to choose a color that matches the floor, the window blinds and the color of your surrounding landscape. If your office or house has large windows opening to the blue ocean or near a green plantation, you must consider how the inside colors will contrast with the outer one.

2. Take Note of the Lighting Available

Natural light brings out the actual shade of the paint. When using intense shades of color, use them as an accent wall that is not direct to a large window. Incandescent light brings out warm color tones while the fluorescent bulbs bring out blue tone. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, choose the right shade of color based on the room lighting.

3. Use Actual Tester Paints

Today, many companies are giving the customers small containers of paint to test before they can buy their ideal paint. The tester paints are very affordable and worth the investment. Do not go for the chips. You can then use a paint tagboard to test look at how the different shades look under your house’s lighting condition. When actual paint is used for testing, you save the money you would have spent by buying a paint that doesn’t bring out the desired effect.

4. Visualize the Feeling You Want

Try to jog your memory and remember a room that made you feel so relaxed. It could be some color you saw when on vacation or when visiting friends. If you cannot fully remember, use your photo album o go through all the memories that made you happy and see if there is a color that you would like for your house.

Do you want a paint color that made you inspired or one that will be inspiring you? If so, you can identify a place or gift that you loved and consider the colors used with it. Also, you can look at someone who inspires you and their preferred colors. Choose shades from that palette to paint your home. Alternatively, you can also find inspiration online.

5. Go for a Neutral Color

There are several shades of neutral colors available in many reputable paint shapes. If there is a probability of you ever selling your house, a neutral color will give your home more value when reselling as compared to a brighter color.

6. Pick the Right Sheen

Choosing the wrong sheen on a paint intended to hide the flaws on your wall will end up bringing the flaws out. In fact, if you aim to cover up some imperfections on your wall, use no sheen at all. Glossier finishes are easier to clean, but they bring out the flaws o your wall. Flat finishes, on the other hand, are best suited for ceilings. Remember your ceiling should look brighter than the walls thus you should apply a single shade of paint to it

7. Use Your Wardrobe to Help You Decide

Before you make a final decision on the paint color for your home, take a look at your wardrobe and find out which colors make you feel more relaxed, confident and at home. Check if the color will match with the rest of your belonging when used as a paint and go for it.

Human bodies have a physiological response to color. Some people may see a blue color and remember some old memory which could be good or bad. Ensure that your choice of color brings out pleasant memories.

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