7 Advantages of Using a Dog Walking Service for Your Dogs


We are a nation of dog lovers. That is probably why there are about 89.7 million dogs that live in households in the United States as pets. However, owning a dog comes with many responsibilities – bathing, grooming, feeding, exercising, vet visits, just to name a few. If you have a hectic work schedule, performing these responsibilities can be a problem. Therefore, hiring a dog walking service may be a solution.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the advantages of using a dog walking service for your dog.

1. Saves You Time

In our distracted and super busy life, every minute counts. Sometimes, it’s hard to fit a dog’s needs into our schedule. We wake up extra early and head to work. We come back late in the evening only to be greeted by a hyper, energetic dog who really wants to go for a long walk. Sometimes we have to disappoint our dogs since we have to make dinner for our families. Sometimes we have to delay making dinner for our families in an effort to make sure our dogs get the care they need.

By hiring a professional dog walking service, your dog will still get the attention and exercise he/she deserves, while you get back a great deal of time.

2. Dog Walkers Give You Peace of Mind

As a dog owner, you always want the best for your dog. You want the dog to get sufficient exercise and to socialize as much as possible. Unfortunately, you have a very busy life. Sometimes you are unable to take the dog for a walk. Sometimes you don’t have time to bath and groom your dog. A dog walking service will make sure that your dog gets some great exercise and has some fun along the way.

3. You’re Not in Perfect Health to Walk Your Dog as Much as He/she Needs

Depending on your dog’s breed, age, and health, exercise needs can vary. Puppies and some breeds such as Jack Russell Terriers, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies and Labradors need more exercise. If you have a chronic illness, the services of a dog walker can be helpful.

4. Dog Walking Can Improve the Well-being of Your Dog

Just like human beings, pets need regular exercise to live healthy and happy lives. Walking your dog regularly is a good way of ensuring that he/she remains in good health. A dog who is more active has a lower risk of developing severe health problems such as heart issues and diabetes. A dog who does not get sufficient exercise may struggle with weight issues that can increase the chances of obesity.

You can, therefore, help your dog maintain an ideal weight and stay healthy by hiring a dog walker.

5. A Dog Walker Can Help Your Dog Get Sufficient Mental and Physical Stimulation

Walking does not only help your dog exercise, but it also stimulates their senses. When the dog is out for a walk, he or she gets to smell, feel, see and hear new things. Experiencing new things and meeting new people or dogs can help build your dog’s confidence and social skills. Dogs who do not go for walks can become shy, fearful or even lack the necessary skills to interact with other dogs or people.

6. A Dog Walker Can Give Your Dog Behavioral Support

Your dog may suffer behavioral issues from time to time. This may include frequent barking chewing, biting and separation anxiety. A dog walker can help give them a conducive environment to work on such issues. Additionally, frequent and lengthy walks can help your dog become less bored, frustrated or anxious.

If you feel that your dog needs behavioral support, discuss the issue with your dog walker during initial discussions. This will ensure that the trainer uses the right approach to help and not worsen the situation.

7. You Need a “Second Pair of Eyes”

Dog walkers are trained and have extensive experience in what they do. They also have an intimate understanding of dog body language and behavior. When you hire a dog walker, they will interact with your dog regularly while on walks. This way, they can easily notice anything extraordinary with your dog’s behavior or health and then report it to you.

There are numerous other reasons to hire a professional dog walking service, but by now, the advantages should be clear.