6 Ways To Make A Gabion Wall Look More Attractive


Molding the landscape to create the areas that we desire sometimes comes with the necessity of gabion walls. These cage-like structures tend to hold some type of rock, concrete, or soil that work to prevent soil erosion for specific landscapes. If you have a gabion wall, it’s likely that you may want to improve the look of it. Here are six simple ways you can make any gabion wall look more aesthetically pleasing. 

Include Tiered Plants

Some gabion walls may be only one level high while others may have multiple tiered levels. Use the top of each gabion level to craft a planting box. Then, include some greenery and flowers to enhance the look of the wall. Since you’ll be using planting boxes, you won’t have to worry about the soil leaking into the cage. This is one of the easiest ways to alter the look of any gabion. If you want to cover up the look of the wall all year round, be sure to include annual plants in your design. 

Construct A Bench

One extremely unique way to make your gabion look better is to convert the top of it into a bench. You should opt for contrasting material, like solid wood, to craft your bench out of. This will be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and make your gabion multipurpose. Plus, it will cut down the costs that you need to spend on purchasing outdoor furniture for your home.

Contrast With Other Similar Materials

If you take the design perspective that the gabion is a must-have, you can start to craft the rest of your landscape around it. When dealing with rock-filled gabions, you can easily utilize other large rocks throughout your landscape to assist in incorporating the entire rocky design into one big theme. Even utilizing some of the larger rocks to sit in front of the gabion wall can help to integrate a contrast in the two that brings an appealing look to the viewer. 

Vary The Fill Colors And Materials

When constructing gabions, you can utilize the natural colors and textures of the fill materials to make a contrasting look. For example, you can use all tan-colored fill rocks in every other gabion. Then, install white-colored fill rocks in the remaining gabions. This will give a contrasting look along the entire wall with the back and forth colors. You can do an infinite number of combinations depending on the texture, color, and size of the fill materials that you use. 

Plant The Vines

Vines are a great way to cover up an existing wall. Once you get them started, they tend to take off in full bloom encompassing the whole wall. Take some time and plant the vines at the top of the gabion in a planting box. Then, let the vines start to grow over the wall. It may take a season or two in order to get the entire wall covered in vines, but it’s a great way to help hide the rocky look of the gabion with minimal work on your part. 

Make Gabion Steps

Most times gabions are used in home landscapes to stop soil erosion in the backyard. The gabions tend to split the yard into multiple sections of varying heights. Use this opportunity to craft a set of stairs throughout the height of your yard. This can be simply done by installing concrete or another material cover over the gabion. This makes the gabion functional as part of your landscape. Plus, you won’t have to worry about how to fit stairs into your yard or, instead, having to step on the caging material to get into your backyard tiers. 

Gabions are a necessity in many landscapes to help prevent against major soil erosion. Unfortunatley, gabions by themselves aren’t too physically appealing without the right home accents. The above six ways can help you to spice up your existing gabion wall to make it look more visually appealing for your home. The trick is to start with your overall landscape and determine what solution is going to be the easiest to implement at the cheapest price.