6 Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal


Whether you are preparing to sell your home or you simply want to live in a gorgeous home that you are proud of, curb appeal is understandably a focal point. If you are like many other homeowners, you may be envious of the curb appeal in a few nearby homes. The good news is that you can spruce up your home’s exterior with a few simple steps, and you can take curb appeal to the next level as a result.

Make Repairs

Regardless of any other efforts that you make to bolster curb appeal, your home will not look stunning if it shows signs of damage. Now is the time to analyze the condition of paint on the siding and trim. Review the roof and other surfaces. Any areas that appear to be worn or damaged should receive your immediate attention. Making these home repairs now will also help you to avoid extensive damages that are more expensive to repair. For example, repainting trim periodically can prevent premature wood rot.

Clean Hard Surfaces

In addition to visible and obvious damage, general filth can detract from the true beauty of your home. Many people regularly clean the interior of the home, and they overlook the importance of exterior cleanliness. Rent or purchase a pressure washer, and use this equipment to clean hard surfaces. This includes the fence, patio, driveway, sidewalk, bricks and other surfaces. Keep in mind that a pressure washer may damage or strip away paint on siding, so you may need to use a different approach to clean siding. You also should not pressure wash your windows. Instead, wash the interior and exterior of your windows by hand.

Replace Light Fixtures

An easy way to modernize your home’s exterior is to replace the light fixtures. On many older homes, the original light fixtures are still in place, and these can make the home look old and worn. Exterior light fixtures are easy to replace, and you may find many beautiful styles available to choose from at an affordable price.

Focus on the Entryway

When passersby view your home, the front door is an area that they focus on. Likewise, when guests arrive, their eyes will be centered on the front door as they approach your home. The entryway makes a bold statement about your home and defines its curb appeal. In addition to replacing the porch light, update the hardware on the front door if it is worn, dated or damaged. It may be worthwhile to add a fresh coat of paint to the front door or to replace it with a beautiful new door. Replacing the welcome mat and dressing up the porch with a few potted plants can also have a positive effect.

Revamp Flowerbeds

Curb appeal is also contingent on landscaping. Assess the condition of your flowerbeds, and determine if you need to pull weeds, spread fresh mulch across the area and plant fresh flowers. If the bushes are overgrown or if they block most of the front windows, they should be trimmed back. In some instances, it makes sense to remove all vegetation from the flowerbeds and to start from scratch with new plants.

Improve Lawn Health

A healthy, lush lawn is a hallmark of stunning curb appeal. If your lawn is struggling, consider consulting with an expert. Some lawns need fertilizer or water, and others may need to be aerated. Consider hiring a professional to address all mowing, weed control and fertilization needs if you struggle to find time to do so yourself. If your yard is riddled with weeds, hiring a professional to reseed or re-sod your space make be a smart solution.

The combination of these steps can give your curb appeal a much-needed boost. Remember that stunning curb appeal requires regular effort. If you cannot keep up with your yard’s needs, using professional lawn and garden services may be beneficial.