6 Vital Questions to Ask a Plumber before Hiring


To make sure that your plumbing job is done correctly, it is imperative for you to take measures that can help you hire the right plumber. There are tons of plumbers offering their services in your area, but some of them will not meet your expectations. Many plumbing companies claim they offer exceptional services, but they have limited skills. Let’s take a look at 6 vital questions you must ask before hiring a plumber.

Do You Have a License?
This is an important question that you cannot afford to ignore. This is the first question many plumbing experts encourage homeowners to ask prospective plumbers. Unfortunately, many plumbers work without a license. Addressing this matter can help you avoid dealing with an unlicensed plumber who may cause problems. For example, the unlicensed plumber’s work may not pass inspection. It will be difficult for you to take legal recourse against a plumber who is not registered with a governing body at the local or state level.

How Long Have You Been in Business?
You should only hire a plumber who has several years of experience in the industry. An experienced plumber will be more than happy to give you their references. An experienced plumber will have at least five solid references. Checking out the prospective plumber’s references can help you find out if he or she has performed well in the past. A plumber with solid references lets you know they have an exceptional reputation in your community.

Do You Offer a Warranty?
A professional plumber worth his or her salt will offer you a solid warranty on their work. A warranty will protect you from any mistakes the plumber may have made while doing the job. A warranty will also protect you against defective plumbing parts. It is vital for you to focus on hiring an experienced plumber that offers an iron-clad warranty.

What is the Total Cost?
Many professional plumbers offer a free estimate to potential customers. However, you should be leery of a plumber who offers you an estimate over the telephone. An experienced plumber knows that he or she must take a look at your plumbing problem before giving you a price quote.

Once the prospective plumber looks at the job, he or she will give you an estimate. “Ask the prospective plumber if the estimate includes labor, materials, and a provision for any problems,” said Dun-RIGHT Plumbing & Heating. Some estimates look fine on paper, but they only point out the basic price of materials. Make certain that the estimate discloses the total cost of the job.

Do You Have Liability Insurance?
The plumber’s liability insurance will protect you from any property damage that could occur while the plumber is working. Hiring a plumber without liability insurance will put you at great risk. You will be responsible for covering the damage caused by the plumber. You could also be responsible for the plumber’s medical bills if he or she is injured while working on your property. It is important for you to avoid doing business with a plumber that does not have liability insurance.

Do You Clean Up After Completing the Job?
This may seem like a silly question, but some plumbers do not clean up their mess. There’s nothing worse than having a plumber to come to your home and make a big mess. You should make certain that clean-up is included in your price quote. Cleaning up a plumber’s mess is one chore you don’t want on your hands.

You are bound to experience a plumbing problem at some point. You may be tempted to resolve your plumbing issue without help, but you should always hire a professional plumber. You will find many professional plumbers offering their services in your area, but it is imperative for you to take careful steps when it comes to hiring a plumber. Getting answers to the questions in this article can help you select the right plumber for the job.