6 Tips To Add Value To Your Backyard


Individuals looking to upgrade the value of their backyards have many options available to them. Time and money are finite resources so it is better to focus your attention on upgrades that will provide you with the most bang for your buck. The following tips are great places to start for anyone looking to add value to a backyard space


A little landscaping is quite likely the best option to improve a backyard for people concerned with the cost to benefit ratio. The cost of these improvements will depend on the type of work you want done and how deep into your pocket you are willing to reach. However, it may surprise you to know the value you can add to a backyard space on your own. 

Simply cleaning up old growth and adding color to a backyard with plants will cause an otherwise unimpressive backyard to stand out. These and other simple moves can add outside appeal to your home. And even if not resulting in a great increase in the value of your home, these moves will attract more buyers if ever wanting to sell your home. 

Outdoor Rooms

The estimated value added to a home with an outdoor room is about 12 percent. The other side of the equation is it these improvements are probably the worst expensive. You can expect to pay at least $12 a square foot to add an outdoor room to your home. 

When adding an outdoor room, you accomplish more than an improvement to the backyard. You are extending the home’s footprint. Outdoor rooms make outdoor living an easier process by connecting the space to the interior of the home. The benefits of an outdoor room make it well worth the cost. 

Patio or Deck

If building an outdoor room is a little too expensive for your budget, it is no cause for concern. You can achieve a similar effect by building a deck or patio in your backyard. A deck or patio can create an excellent outdoor space to use for relaxation purposes or to entertain friends. The outdoor space will also add good value to your home. 

This upgrade is perfect for the homeowner with a little money to upgrade their backyard but does not wish to break the bank in the process. 


Lighting can also be used to improve a backyard space. The trick is not to place a giant spotlight in the backyard but instead use subtle lights that make the space more comfortable when the sun goes down. This is another backyard improvement that is mild on the wallet. Lighting will add value similar to landscaping. It will not add a lot to the value of the home but will increase buyer interest. There are many types of lighting to use. One type is solar lighting. This type of lighting will not increase your monthly energy costs and is a small contribution to the go green movement. 


A fence will require a measurable degree of upkeep but is a great way to improve the value of your yard and home. A yard with a fence feels like an extension of the home. A fenced in yard also provides safety for kids and pets while offering privacy to people living in the home and their guests. A good fence makes your home a sanctuary from the chaos of the world. If your yard is presently unfenced, fencing it may be the most valuable improvement you can make. 


Planting a couple of trees can add great value to your home. A mature tree will always add value to your home. This tip is especially beneficial in new subdivisions where a lot of vegetation is not already present. You should plant a couple of trees as soon as you take control of your house. Then, when it is time to sell, your trees will be a good size to attract potential buyers. 

Final Thoughts

The right improvements to a backyard can present a lot of potential benefits to homeowners. These improvements will not only bring more enjoyment to you and your family but will also increase the value of your backyard and home. 

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