6 Tips For Selecting The Best Roommate


At a certain point in life, some people may find themselves sharing a house with a roommate. Having a roommate is convenient as it can help offset a significant financial burden and may allow one to live in their preferred location. Most people seek roommates within their social circles while others opt for complete strangers. It is paramount to consider that living with someone is a crucial decision that requires planning and forethought before picking the right person, primarily because you will be sharing your private space with your roommate. This article delves into tips one can apply in selecting ideal roommates.


Avoid Picking Friends


It may appear like a fun idea to move in with one of your best friends when seeking a roommate. You could probably be thinking that you know each other well enough already. Hence, it only seems prudent to live with your friend because you can trust them and you might have fun together due to your matching interests. However, the reality is that living with a friend may be the beginning of the downfall of the friendship as it brings about several unpleasant scenarios. If you consider living with your friend, then ensure that you evaluate all the necessary factors objectively as you would with any other individual. Experts posit that friendships and being roommates does not end up well and may eventually destroy friendships.


Conduct a Background Check


You may find yourself with a couple of options in regards to potential roommates. Before settling for one person, conduct a thorough background check on them. Make the internet your best friend and check for criminal records and credit records to identify any red flags. Use social media profiles to see how the potential roommate goes about their life and evaluate whether their interests align with yours.


If you find out something unsettling about them, then you may want to confront them about it and depending on the answers you get, you can analyze if you will be comfortable around them. However, you need not scrutinize every intricate detail about the person’s life as it borders on being a stalker.


When conducting interviews in your quest to find the ideal roommate, you should ensure to ask a couple of questions about their social lifestyles. You might want to ask about parties in the house. You do not want a person who will turn your private space into a social meeting place.


Find an Ideal Space


As you look for an apartment to share with a roommate, you should try to get one that allows sharing comfortably. It is advisable to find a house with separate bedrooms to allow each person to have their personal space. Separate bedrooms also allow both of you to have guests come over for sleepovers without being a nag to one another, and also prevent the likelihood of trivial inconveniences.


The Cohesion of Schedules and Lifestyles


Different jobs and school sessions come with varying time schedules. You want to inquire about your potential roommate’s school or work schedule to determine the level of harmony with yours. Time schedules have a significant effect on sleep patterns.


You may wish to live with someone who has similar working hours to yours to ensure that your sleeping hours synchronize and thus avoid interrupting one another person’s sleep patterns. Alternatively, you may opt to live with someone with a contrasting schedule to yours to have the house to yourself frequently.


You will need to reveal a few factors about each other’s lifestyles to determine whether you will live in harmony. For example, your potential roommate may be a party person that hosts frequent parties at the house. If you are not comfortable with this idea, then you should not share personal space with such a person. Subtly probe the potential roommate about their drinking and smoking habits and discuss how you can both uphold respect for each other’s preferences.


Discuss Money Matters


You ought to find out how the potential roommate plans to pay their share of the rent. A person with a stable job and responsible spending habits is likely to make prompt rental payments. A slacker with an unstable income stream may default or delay on payments due to the uncertainty associated with their finances. You should prod further and discuss how you ought to share utility bills and other expenses, such as household shopping.


Sign a Living Agreement


When you settle on the ideal roommate, you should both come up with a living agreement. The living agreement should highlight the major details about living together in regards to cost sharing, down to the intricacies of maintaining cleanliness and tidiness in the house. A living agreement will always be the point of reference in case of disagreements and miscommunication.

Lastly, you should always trust your instinct. Further, first impressions may reveal a lot about a person. If you do not like the person at the first encounter, then you will probably not like them in the future.

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