6 Tips for Finding Designer Fashion Brands on a Budget


When buying new clothes, you’ll get more value from high-end designer brands than generic brands. Designer brands typically cost more than their generic counterparts, but they last longer while offering a higher level of aesthetics and comfort in the process. And even if you’re on a budget, there are ways to fill your wardrobe with designer fashion brands without spending a fortune.

1- Check for Promo Codes and Discounts Online

Regardless of where you plan to shop, search online to see if the store has any promo codes or discounts. Many clothing retailers publish coupons online that you can print and use in store. It only takes a minute or two to search for promo codes and discounts, but doing so could save you 10 percent to 50 percent off your purchase.

2- Search Local Pawn Shops

Don’t forget to check the local pawn shops in your area. While most pawn shops specialize in jewelry, they sell a wide variety of other secondhand items, including designer clothes and accessories. According to Wikipedia, more than 11,000 pawn shops operate in the United States. Take a shopping excursion to at least three or four of these pawn shops to see what designer clothes and accessories they offer. You can even bring some old products to sell or trade for store credit, thereby offsetting the cost of your designer fashion items.

3- Shop for Out-of-Season Clothes

Retailers typically mark down the price of designer clothes once those garments are no longer in season. When the fall season arrives, for example, a retailer may lower the price of its designer bathing suits. And when spring returns, a retailer may lower the price of its winter jackets. Shopping for out-of-season clothes such as this is a great way to save money on designer fashion brands. The only downside is that you may have to put away the purchased item until it’s back in season.

4- Download a Fashion-Finding App

If you’re among the 77 percent of Americans who own a smartphone, consider downloading and using a fashion-finding app on your mobile device. There are apps available for Android and iOS that connect you with designer clothes and accessories at rock-bottom prices. HuffPost offers a list of several mobile apps that are perfect for finding designer clothes and accessories on a budget.

5- Go to a Consignment Store

Consignment stores feature a large inventory of new and secondhand designer clothes and accessories at low prices. They operate by purchasing new and gently used clothes and accessories from customers, which they resell in their store. If you have fashion products that you no longer wear or use, take them to a consignment store for credit towards the purchase of other clothes and accessories. You can purchase several outfits at a consignment store for the cost of a single outfit sold at a traditional retail store.

6- Choose Versatile Clothes That You Can Wear All Year-Round

It’s important that you choose versatile designer clothes if you’re on a budget. A yellow pea coat may look nice, but how many times will you really wear it? A financially smarter shopping strategy is to choose designer clothes and accessories that you wear year-round. Button-up cotton shirts, denim jeans, neutral-colored blouses and black dresses are all great choices. Regardless of the season or weather, you can generally sport these classic garments in style.

Filling your wardrobe with designer brands shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Follow these six tips to save money on premium, high-end clothes and accessories.

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