6 Tips for Buying Cable Cords Online


Cord cutting is a hot trend sweeping the world today as more and more people decide to get rid of their cable packages and use streaming services instead. If you love watching live sports, the local news or a few shows as they air though, you’ll want to stick with your cable plan. With a few tips, you can more easily find the cables that you need to hook up your television and other electronics online.

1- Avoid Buzz Words

Buzz words are words that manufacturers use to grab the attention of shopper and make them want to buy. These words usually add to the overall cost of the cables that you need but won’t improve the quality of the videos and shows that you watch. Buzz words may include gold-plated or similar terms that make you think those cords are a luxury item. You can get the same cords without those fancy terms for much less.

2- Search for Compatible Cords

No matter what type of cables you think that you might need, you should really sit down and make a list of all the electronics that you want to connect and the cables that will make that possible. This helps you avoid ordering cables that won’t work with your television, cable box or game console and lets you avoid the frustrations of sending those cables back later. Cord cutters often use streaming devices like a Roku or Apple TV. If you want to use those devices with your own television, you’ll need compatible cables.

3- Look for Thicker Cords

Not all cable cords are exactly the same. When you shop online, you won’t have the chance to inspect those cords or hold one in your hand until your package arrives. Thinner cords are quite flimsy and can snap when you move the cord with too much force or accidentally step on it when walking across the room. Looking for thicker cords helps you avoid those problems. These cords are also safe to use with pets who like to chew. You can also look for protective plastic tubes that snap over the cords to keep the cords safe from your pets.

4- Measure More Than Once

While there are some fun ways organize cable and electronic cords, you won’t need to organize those cords when you buy the right size. Many people purchase longer cords because they think they might want to rearrange their rooms later or move those devices to another room. Using longer cords and cables can create a mess behind your television though. Decide where you want to put each electronic device in the room. You can then measure the distance between components and purchase cables of those lengths.

5- Check with Your Cable Provider

When your pet chews through the cord that sends an internet signal to your modem, you might want to scream. You will feel the same way after finding that your kids broke one of your electronic cords while playing with their friends. Before you spend time searching the web for new cables, contact your cable provider. Many cable companies will send you free or cheap cords that work with your modem and any other devices provided by that company. You may even have the chance to log into your online account and order new cable cords.

6- Shop for Used Cables

Though you can buy brand new cables from dozens of internet sites, why not save some money and purchase used cords instead? These cords are often available from audio and video lovers who upgraded their home systems or those who bought new cords to replace ones they lost and later found. You can check the classified ads in your local paper, search online ads for new or used cables and even check thrift stores. It’s often helpful to check any yard sales happening around your neighborhood too.

The right cable cords can significantly improve the sounds that you hear when watching television and enhance the video that you see too. Your cable company may have new cords available for purchase, but the company may offer to send you a new cord for free too. Thicker cords are best for homes with kids and pets who can break or chew through electronics cords as well.