6 Steps to Take after a Home Fire


In the United States, wildfires post a serious risk to those who are living near forested areas. These fires are raging for weeks and months, and it will destroy everything on its path. Many Americans have built their homes proximal to where wildfires occur, and people who are losing their homes to fires are a common sight especially in the state of California where temperatures could instantly rise. People who have lost their homes due to fire would experience a massive life-changing outcome, and to some extent, the loss of a loved one would make a great impact on them. What should an individual do after their properties burned? Here are some of the most important tips that everyone should remember:

1- Ensure that All Family Members are Safe

After falling victim to a house fire, one should remember to check on their loved ones, and this is a top priority. No matter how severe the damage to the house was, one should always consider their family members and check if they sustained injuries. If they are hurt, make sure to call medical emergency services to provide treatment for the injuries. One could also apply first aid to their family members who were injured during the house fire. Another important reminder would be looking for a place where the family could temporarily live after the disaster, either at a relative or a close family member.

2- Check for the Cost of the Damage

The cost of the damage from the house fire should be calculated next after the flames have been put out and the members of the family have been placed in a secured location. Inspecting the damage on the house requires permission, and one could speak to the firefighters about their plans on checking the actual damage. Make sure that the house is safe to explore, and clearance has been secured. The first thing to look for would be government papers, like the birth certificate, identification cards, land titles, and so much more. If the house is damaged, one could immediately proceed to their insurance company to calculate the total damage.

3- Working with the Insurance Company

Once the damage has been estimated, one should call their insurance provider and report on what has happened. Tell them that the house was on fire, and the estimated amount of damage sustained. One could also ask the insurance company for additional steps that they would have to take after the fire broke out. Giving out a list of the damaged items inside the house would help the insurance company determine how much they should be giving away to help the victim rebuilt. A representative from the insurance company would start to work with the victim to identify how much help they could provide, based on the insurance policy that they have bought.

4- Work with Restoration Experts

Fire damage restoration experts can be contacted after working with the insurance company. They could restore a house damaged by fire and salvage anything that was left behind. People working for a fire damage restoration firm have undergone training to ensure that their services would protect the homeowner from any future injuries resulting from the damaged property. They would also focus on restoring the structural integrity of a building which has been damaged by fire, transforming it back on its original state.

5- Restoration Process Documentation

One should also remember that they would have to document the entire restoration process. This would help them identify which items should be bought again and the additional things that they would have to do to complete restoring the house. Listing the items that have been destroyed in the fire would help someone simplify the information that they need to gather. To document the restoration process, one could also take photographs of what is happening, and see if the final product has reached their expectation.

6- Ask for Help from Friends and Family

The final step in coping with a house fire disaster would be gathering the support from close family members and friends. To recover from the trauma experienced, one should start talking with their friends and family, share what they feel, and let it all out. It will help the victim to move on and experience a new life after the disaster.