6 Solutions Outsourcing Your Accounting Will Solve


Every business in operation today needs to perform accounting throughout the year. Accounting is something that requires training, expertise and time. Building an in-house accounting department is not always the best option especially when running a small business or startup. A better option is to outsource the department. Here are six problems outsourcing your accounting will solve.

Lower Overhead
Maintaining an in-house accounting department comes with a cost. Your business will have to pay for a large staff, benefits and other expenses. You will need to make space in your offices or storefront for the accountants. Acquiring new accounting professionals can be expensive. You can help to lower your overhead by outsourcing your accounting. Outsourcing will allow you to budget a predictable amount for accounting every month based on the volume of work done. This can save your business a large amount of money over time.

Fewer Errors
About 49 percent of small business owners do company accounting by hand without the aid of technology. Some business owners do not even understand the finer details of accounting. This can result in serious errors. Those errors could trigger fines or other penalties that cripple your business. Outsourcing your accounting can help to reduce the chance of errors. The professionals doing the work are highly trained. The third-party company will check everything. This can potentially eliminate a large number of headaches during the year when your accounting becomes very complex.

Always Comply With Constantly Changing Rules
Accountants must abide by a massive amount of local, state and federal rules. Those rules frequently change over the course of the year. If you fail to find out about the changes, then you might not be in compliance when performing in-house accounting. That can cost you money in fines and extra time. If you outsource your accounting, then this will not be a problem. The accountants performing your work are always aware of the latest changes dealing with business finances, payroll and other areas. Your business will operate more smoothly when you outsource accounting to an experienced agency.

Consistently Meet Deadlines
There are deadlines for many different tasks in accounting. Everything comes together when tax season arrives. You do not want to be always falling behind because you relied on an inexperienced or overly small staff of people. Outsourcing your accounting will allow your business to consistently meet deadlines. The company you outsource to will do everything possible to make certain that your accounting work is done when it is needed. Additionally, your businesses will never have to scramble to assemble records or reports since the company performing the outsourcing can gather that information very quickly when necessary.

Seamlessly Scale Up As Your Business Grows
A successful business will grow steadily over time. That is going to increase the complexity and volume of the accounting work you need to do. If you have an in-house team of accountants, then you will need to hire more people and invest in new technologies as the business grows. Although there are over 1.3 million accountants in the workforce today, finding competent and experienced professionals in your area might be impractical. You will also need to create new space in your office. A good reason to outsource your accounting is that the service can scale up with your business. The service can increase the number of people working on your accounting based on the volume. This will happen seamlessly so that you do not have to change anything about your current business. The ability to scale up without limits makes outsourcing your accounting a convenient option.

Eliminate Wasted Time
You could end up spending a large amount of time every week struggling with accounting tasks and red tape if you keep the department in-house. You and other employees might have to stop your normal daily duties to cope with some accounting irregularities or just normal payroll. The Shealy Group said, “Outsourcing your accounting will eliminate that wasted time.” You will not have to dedicate hours or days to resolving the books. You can trust that the service performing the outsourcing will take care of everything and send you the results. You can then use the time you save to focus more on core business tasks such as increasing sales or marketing.