6 Small Projects You Should Hire A Contractor For


Contractors are sometimes reluctant to come out to your home or workplace to help with small projects. The thinking behind this reluctance is that a contractor can get hired for full kitchen and bedroom remodelings all around town, so why should he spend part of a workday driving out to your place and completing a small project? 

The trick to getting a contractor out for small projects is making it worth his while. Bundling two or more small projects together for a contractor to complete within a few hours provides a win-win scenario in which you get your dream home and the contractor’s trip is made worthwhile. 


Right now is an excellent time to hire a handyman or contractor to come by your home to make sure that it’s able to withstand the rigors of a hot summer ahead. Applying a layer of caulk around doors, windows, and siding is a great way to improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower your cooling bills. 

Weatherproofing your home is something that a contractor can do in under an hour. Because of how few materials the contractor will need, contractors will gladly head out to your home to weatherproof it as long as it’s on their regular route. 

Contractors know exactly which problem areas to check and can provide you with year-long energy efficiency by making sure that more cool air stays in during the summer and more heat stays in during the winter. It’s a win-win. 

Small Paint Job 

Touching up a garage door is a small project ideally suited to a contractor, who can get done within an hour. 

Gutter Cleaning 

If you’ve never cleaned your gutters out before, then definitely call on a contractor for this small project. So many people aren’t sure what they’re doing before they head up on the ladder and wind up wasting a lot of time or, worse yet, loosing their footing and taking a tumble. 

Hiring a local handyman makes more sense for cleaning gutters than perhaps any other small project because a handyman will come with latex gloves, a ladder, and an auger to quickly clear your clogged gutter. It’s a win-win for you and the handyman since he can make a few bucks in under an hour and you no longer have to worry about roof or fascia damage. 

Hanging Light Fixtures 

Handing light fixtures and wall-mounted decorative items should be left to contractors who have the right tools for the job and can make sure that everything is perfectly level. 

Moving Out Furniture 

Anyone who has gone the DIY route of moving heavy furniture versus hiring a moving company to do the heavy lifting knows the problems that DIY moving is fraught with. 

Contorting beds, couches, and bulky dresses around winding staircases can be a real chore, and you might not be able to go it alone if your furniture gets wedged in a door and you don’t have the special tools to get it through. 

Minor Plumbing Repairs 

A licensed plumber should obviously be your first choice for laying or relocating new plumbing in your home, but minor plumbing repairs can certainly be done by local handymen with the right tools. 

Moving around bathroom fixtures and tightening everything down sounds easy enough, but it can slowly devolve into a nightmare if you do it yourself and don’t get everything just right. 

The trouble with plumbing is that it often needs to be perfect to work at all; a pipe that’s cross-threaded, for instance, could cause a serious behind-the-wall leak over time. 

The Secret to Getting Contractors Out 

Buying all of the supplies and waiting until after the contractor’s peak season, or simply after his regular workday, could also help get a contractor out. If all else fails, you might want to consider hiring a handyman over a contractor as long as the job doesn’t require a specialized trade skill. 

A website like Thumbtack can help you find local handymen for some of the small projects you might consider hiring a contractor for. Both a handyman service and contractor will probably charge a flat fee to come out, an hourly rate, and a reasonable fee for materials. 

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