6 Reasons You Should Outsource IT for Your Small Business


IT outsourcing is the use of external service providers to deliver IT-enabled business process, infrastructure solutions and application services efficiently, for the best business outcomes. Utility software such as cloud-enabled outsourcing gives more business insight to develop strategies and vision, accelerate time to market, protect intellectual property better and gain an expert opinion.

Outsourcing is not a new phenomenon, as companies have adopted it since the mid-1980s to date; to cut costs and increase business efficiency. Once viewed as a business expense, it’s now a more essential and viable business strategy.

Small businesses and startups find it invaluable to outsource IT skills to deal with tedious tasks, boost their productivity and save on the budget. The company can focus more on improving their products and improve their marketing efforts.

1. Expertise limitations of a small business

Small organizations don’t always hire the best talents due to limitations in resources. Outsourcing business projects that are out of your team’s scope of knowledge is not only the best way to achieve quality results but also the best opportunity for the staff to learn firsthand, how different IT solutions improve the business world.

  1. Software-based accounting solutions

Keeping meticulous records requires the appropriate software that’s custom to your business. These software-based bookkeeping solutions may not be at your disposal, in which case outsourcing remains the best alternative.

3. Cloud services: data storage, maintenance, and recovery

The cloud is invaluable utility software for storing megabytes of data, which would otherwise require expensive hardware to maintain. Cloud platforms such as Google Cloud enable management of big data, you can keep track of inventory, maintain your database for your applications, monitor your business statistics and protect that data from access by any third party.

Hosting can be costly for the business. Outsourcing to a cloud service frees up some of the business’ resources while giving it access to an extensive database of information, from any place on the internet.

4. Data protection: Cyber security software

It’s advisable to have an employee that maintains security controls and is constantly keeping up with the new threats to cyber security. Likewise, look outside your company for a more dynamic, reliable, and complete suite of services.

Small businesses’ success often depends on the proprietary secrets they hold and marketing methods they use. Exposure of this data into malicious hands could compromise the operations of the business, and potential future growth.

Ongoing monitoring of your systems ensures the continuous identification of any threats and vulnerabilities. Outsourcing from data protection software companies leaves you worrying less about cyber hackers, and data loss from third party access, and stops the threats before they attack the system.

5. Server based solutions

M Cubed Technologies said, “Unless you’re an experienced developer, outsourcing your e-commerce website design is the best way to ensure the site runs smoothly, maximizes your online campaign efforts and reaches out to the target consumers quickly.”

Maintaining your business servers is quite expensive, especially if your E-commerce site generates significant volumes of data. Updating your online resources on your website and database also requires time and money. Outsourcing these makes the process easier to manage, and you can shift your focus to more productive use.

6. Research-based solutions: small businesses have limited resources for research

Conducting market research through collecting, analyzing, processing and presenting data can be time consuming and expensive, Expensive infrastructure also needs to be in place to process the data and come up with any viable marketing insights.

Quality and valuable research are characteristic of outsourcing, as the other company focuses enough resources to collect the relevant data. These research resources might not be at your disposal; for what it’s worth, you get the quality you need, and the research is within your budget.

Often, companies are skeptical about trusting IT companies with their sensitive business data. Before you make this move, do a background research on the company you plan to hire; it should have a good reputation of providing IT solutions to similar enterprises.