6 Questions You Must Ask Your Wedding Planner


Weddings can be overwhelming when you do not have someone to help you with the planning task. A wedding planner takes care of all wedding preparations as you relax and enjoy your big day, as long as you choose the right wedding planner who will make the process easier than before. You will want to choose a wedding planner who is professional and organized because they will walk with you every step of the wedding preparations as well as on the big day. If you want to get everything right, you will have to interview the prospects to be sure that they are the right candidates for the task. These six questions will help you find the perfect wedding planner to maintain your sanity and budget.


Are you available on my wedding day and your minimum budget?

The first question you want to ask your wedding planner is if he or she will be available on your wedding date. Besides, you do not want to waste time if the planner is not free on that date. You can adjust your wedding date if the wedding planner is not free on that date if you are flexible and willing to wait for the planner. Additionally, you want to know the cost of the average wedding that the planner plans so that you know how to work around your budget. You need to check with the planner to see the range of prices and if the planner has a minimum wedding budget so that you gauge if your budget is within their range or not. The average cost of wedding planning is usually 15 percent of the overall wedding budget. However, if you love the work of the wedding planner, do not get discouraged by their charges or minimum budget.


How many weddings have you planned?

You want to know the number of weddings the wedding planner has planned in the past. Also, you want to know whether the planner has handled weddings of your size and budget before, and how long the planner has been in the industry. You should ask for their portfolio to find out if they have been trained, if they have certifications, and the type of weddings they have been handling. Ideally, you want to hire a wedding planner who has specific experience in the industry, has planned some weddings in his or her career.


Do you have preferred vendors?

Pretty much every planner has a list of vendors that they work with to prepare weddings and on the actual date. You need to ask your planner if they have caterers, bakers or venue owners that they have worked with successfully in the past. Preferred vendors can be a double-edged because your planner might restrict you from choosing your vendors, and at the same time, they might offer quality services because they have an established relationship with your wedding planner. You can negotiate with your planner if you want to bring in your preferred vendors rather than relying on the planner’s vendors.


Have you planned other weddings at our site?

It is a major bonus when you work with a planner who has planned weddings at your venue before. Such a planner is familiar with logistics, event staff and logistics, which can assist you to make the wedding day and planning process smooth. Additionally, they will give you design ideas to make your big day perfect because they have learned to work in the venue before.


Will you be with us on our big day?

One of the benefits of hiring a wedding planner is that he or she will plan and coordinate your wedding day, including emergencies that might arise allowing you to have fun. Unfortunately, some wedding planners do not go to the venue on the wedding day, while others do not stay until the event ends. Therefore, be sure that such issues are clear before you sign any contract with the planner.


How do you handle emergencies?

You want to know the backup plans your wedding planner has even if you are holding an indoor wedding. The wedding planner should have someone capable of standing in for them in case they fall sick or they are not available on that day. Also, let the wedding planner inform you of the precautions they have taken to ensure that your big day ends well.