6 Innovative Home Locking Systems in 2019


While your home may be your castle, that does not mean it comes with a moat, tall walls, and other features that made it impossible to penetrate a castle back in the day. However, that does not mean your home cannot be extremely secure. Thanks to modern technology, today’s homes are without a doubt safer and more secure than ever before, thanks in large part to various types of home locking systems. Between traditional deadbolt locks to innovative solutions such as keypads, fingerprint locks that will only open upon verification of your fingerprint, and many others, today’s homeowner can install locks that seemingly turn their home into a fortress. If you are concerned about home security and are searching for home locking systems, here are six of the best for 2019.

Camelot Keypad with Flex-Lock

When it comes to convenience, the Camelot Keypad with Flex-Lock is often the first choice of many homeowners. Featuring an easy-to-use keypad and lever to open the door, it also features Flex-Lock. With this, you can disable the system’s automatic locking features by flipping a lever on the door’s interior side. Able to hold 19 unique entry codes, it also allows for keyed entry access if necessary. Considered very convenient, it is easy for kids and adults to use, and can also be easily installed on any door.

Kwikset Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Lock

If you want to combine the convenience of a keypad locking system with the security of a traditional deadbolt lock, the Kwikset Electronic Keypad with Deadbolt Lock is a smart choice. Simple and efficient, it is viewed as being able to meet the security needs of today’s homeowners. Easy to install, it features the ability to lock automatically after as little as 10 seconds to as long as 99 seconds, depending on user preference. In addition, while some experts feel it offers limited options in terms of providing for only six unique entry codes, it differs from some systems in that it offers visitors a one-time access code, which can be useful for friends or delivery personnel if you are expecting a package.

Z-Wave Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock

If your home is using various aspects of smart home technology, you will probably want to add the Z-Wave Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock to the mix. Able to use wireless integration with Amazon Alexa, it can allow you to use voice commands to lock or unlock your door. In addition, you can download an app to your smartphone, thus allowing you to lock or unlock your door no matter where you happen to be located. Best of all, this system has received the highest security rating for home residential systems.

Ultraloq Fingerprint System

If you really want to go high-tech with your home security, try the Ultraloq Fingerprint System. Along with having a traditional deadbolt and numeric keypad, it also utilizes biometric technology that allows it to scan a person’s fingerprints in order to unlock a door. Considered state-of-the-art for today’s homes, it allows up to 99 access codes and 99 fingerprints to be programmed into the system. If you want to be able to greatly restrict who comes and goes from your home, this system will do that and much more.

Camelot Touch Lock

For some homeowners, they prefer to have a locking system for their home that does not have a traditional lock that may be vulnerable to being picked by thieves. With the Camelot Touch Lock, they get exactly what they want. Featuring a keypad-only entry system, it relies solely on unique numerical entry codes to grant access. Battery-powered, it has an emergency system in place for an unexpected power loss. By simply holding a 9-volt battery to the system’s contacts, the unit will power on and grant you entry.

Electronic Travel Trailer Lock

For our last choice, we turn to a locking system that works best if your home happens to be on four wheels. If you have traded in a traditional home for an RV, the AP Products Electronic Travel Trailer Lock is for you. Replacing a traditional RV door lock, it has a five-button keypad, is backlit to work well after dark, and offers keyed access if needed.