6 Important Tips for Keeping Your Home Secure


Each year, millions of burglaries and home invasions occur in the United States alone, which is why it is so important to protect your home properly. Knowing how to keep your home secure even when you are not around is a way to gain peace of mind while protecting your loved ones and belongings at all times.

Lock All Doors and Windows

Always lock all of your doors and windows, even if you trust your neighbors and feel comfortable in your current neighborhood. Invest in high-quality windows and doors that include built-in locks that are designed to keep potential intruders out and away.

Block Off or Eliminate Unused Entryways

Providing easy access to a home or property can greatly increase your risk of becoming the target of a home invader or burglar. Blocking off and eliminating access to unused entryways to your home or to your property altogether is imperative. When a prospective burglar or intruder finds it too difficult or too much of a hassle to break into a home, they are much more likely to move on to another home.

Add Lighting to the Exterior of Your Home

Adding lighting to the exterior and the landscaping of your home is highly advisable to maximize your home’s security. If you currently have landscaping in place surrounding your home, add outdoor lighting, both solar and electric. Adding solar lighting to the exterior of your home is ideal in the case of losing your power or electricity. Additionally, consider investing in lighting that is triggered by motion to attach to your garage or other exterior walls of your home.

Inform Neighbors of Your Schedule

If you have neighbors next to you or near you that you know and trust, inform them of your daily schedule as well as any vacation schedule you have in mind. Keeping your neighbors informed of your work schedule and the times you intend to be away is a way to help neighbors know when there is suspicious behavior afoot. Exchange numbers with neighbors you consider as friends and ask your neighbors to inform you of any suspicious behavior that they notice while you are away or out of the house at work.

Invest in a Home Security System

Invest in a home security system to maximize the amount of protection you have for your home. A home security system is not only a way to alert you of potential burglars and intruders immediately, but it is also an effective tool used to ward off criminals altogether. Burglars are much more likely to seek out another home or property to target if they encounter an active home security system installed before attempting to break in.

Not only is a home security system optimal to gain peace of mind while you are away from your home or sleeping at night, but it is also a way to cut costs on your homeowner’s insurance. Using a home security system is a way for you to live life without constantly worrying about the safety of your loved ones and the ownership of your belongings.

Download and Use a Home Security System Smartphone App

Home security systems are also compatible with most smartphones today, providing you with the ability to monitor and track your home security system from just about anywhere with an internet connection. Download and use a home security system smartphone app that is compatible with your iOS or Android phone along with your current home security system. One of the most popular home security systems that was designed with smartphone technology in mind includes Ring.

Keeping your home secure does not have to feel tedious, daunting, and intimidating, especially with the advancements in locks and technology today. By taking the time to improve your home’s security with a new home security system and the right setup, feel at ease any time you are sleeping or leave your home unattended.