6 Important Beginner Tips For Shooting A Hand Gun


With the crime rate today, more and more people are buying hand guns to protect themselves, their families, and their homes. According to CrimeSearch, there were over 14.5 million concealed handgun permits issued in 2015 and that number is continuing to rise. If you are new to guns and shooting, you might want to stick with a typical gun license rather than a concealed weapon license until you have some experience with guns. If you are going to be buying a gun to keep in your home for safety, there are a few tips that you should know about shooting a hand gun.

#1 Understand The Rules Of Gun Safety

Before you even think about buying a gun, you need to understand the rules of gun safety. These rules can save your life and the lives of the people around you and in your home.

• Treat your gun as if it is always loaded: When you pick up your gun, you should always treat it like it is loaded. Believing that you removed the bullets from your gun is not a good habit to fall into. Each time you pick up your gun, you should assume that it is loaded and handle it carefully. Next, check to make sure that there isn’t a bullet hiding in the chamber that you didn’t see. You should check the chamber each time you pick up your gun.
• Keep your finger off the trigger: The only time that your finger should ever be on the trigger is if you are actually about to shoot. You might think that you can keep your finger on the trigger without shooting, but for a beginner, it is much harder than you might think. It takes just one tiny squeeze and you can shoot the gun, potentially harming yourself or someone else.
• Know your target and what is beyond it: If you are shooting targets or cans in your backyard for practice, you should know what is beyond the target. Bullets can travel extremely far, therefore, you need to make sure that everything is clear behind the target. If you are using your gun to protect yourself, before you shoot, make sure that the bullet won’t travel and hit an innocent bystander.

#2 Always Use The Appropriate Ammunition In Your Gun

If you want to keep your gun safe, you should make sure that you use the proper ammunition. If you aren’t sure what type of ammunition your gun will need or where it is supposed to go, you should take a second look at the manual. An even better option is to work with an instructor.

#3 Take A Class With a Certified Instructor

If you are new to guns and shooting, you should take a class with a certified instructor right after you purchase your gun. It is a bad idea to buy a gun with little or no knowledge of how to use it. An instructor will meet you at the shooting range a few times to get you accustomed to your particular hand gun. They will also give you tips and pointers about shooting. Finally, an instructor will make sure that you understand all of the rules of gun safety.

#4 Try To Improve

Just because you can easily shoot your gun, it doesn’t mean that you are a professional. Shooting a 9mm gun is much different than shooting a .45 caliber or a hunting rifle. If you really want to become a gun expert, you should learn to shoot various types of guns, not just the one that you own.

#5 Your Grip Is Very Important

You should understand the importance of your grip on the gun. You will need to change your grip depending on the type of gun that you have purchased. For example, if you are shooting a revolver, there is a small space located between the chamber and the cylinder. If you put your fingers in this area, you can get a pretty severe burn. If you are shooting a semi-automatic gun, you should expect a slide that will shoot back when the gun is fired. If your thumb is in the way, it can break the bone or you could lose your thumb entirely. Finally, if you are shooting a rifle, the kickback of the gun can hit you in the face, possibly breaking your bones.

#6 Practice Is Important

If you are going to shoot a gun safely, you need to practice often. This means more than just going to the shooting range a few times a week. If you are going to be as comfortable as possible shooting, you should practice the following:

• Practice loading and unloading the gun: If you are in a life threatening situation and your gun is not loaded or if you run out of bullets trying to protect yourself, you are going to need to reload. If you are unsure of how to load the gun or if you are shaky while you do it, it can endanger your life. If you practice loading and unloading the gun often, you will be able to do it under pressure if necessary.

• Practice shooting at different stances: You never know what position you will be in when you are forced to shoot. If you practice shooting standing, sitting, laying down, or going around a corner, you will be able to defend yourself in just about every situation.

Buying a gun can help you to feel safer when you are in your home. If you don’t have any experience with guns, it is your responsibility to learn. The tips listed above are a great way to go from a beginner to an expert shooter.

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