6 Ideas on How to Grill the Perfect Steak

  1. It’s all about the cut!

Choosing the right cut will determine taste, texture and quality. The best cut you can get from the butcher is Prime choice. It should have some marbling, or fat. The fat helps create a savory flavor within the meat. Be careful not to get a cut with too much marbling however, because too much fat could cause flare up on the grill, thus burning the steak. The size of the cut also matters. The best size steak would be between 1-1 ½ inch thick. For more on picking the right cut, read this article.

  1. Seasoning is key.

The way you season a steak will help navigate the ultimate flavor, according to Shula’s Steak Houses. Seasoning it after it’s grilled will give you the strongest seasoning flavor, but the least tasty meat. If you put seasoning on right before grilling the steak will give you a decent seasoning flavor, but without any intricate meat flavor. The best way to get the most flavor is to season the steak a little while before grilling. You should only use salt and pepper, or if you’re feeling frisky, use some steak seasoning salt. Also, leave the steak out at room temperate for at LEAST 5 minutes before putting it on the grill.

  1. The hotter, the better!

As you’re getting ready to put the meat on the grill, remember, you will want the grill HOT! Preheat your grill longer than you normally would with the lid down. If possible, create 2 different zones: essentially one burner on, and one off. After your grill is done heating up, scrub the grease from the grates using a grill brush. Clean grates transmit more heat to the meat and create a cleaner flavor. Put the steak on the hottest part of the grill and close the lid. Check out this site to find some more information on perfect grill technique.

  1. The perfect flip!

Most people cook the steak so it is flipped only once on each side, and flipped at a 90 degree angle to create those beautiful looking grill marks. Next time you’re grilling a steak, try it this way instead: flip it frequently; about every minute or so. It will cook the meat more evenly, quicker and create a nice, savory, brown crust. For more on this flipping technique, read LA Times’ article here.

  1. Cook it to the perfect temperature.

There are 2 different ways to check your steak for its perfected doneness. The best chefs use the 5-finger rule: Hold your hand open. Feel the soft, fleshy spot of your palm underneath your thumb. When your hand is open, the way that fleshy spot feels is the way the steak will feel at rare. Keep touching that fleshy spot beneath your thumb as you move your other fingers along to gauge your temperature. Touch your thumb to each tip of each finger all the way to your pinky for well-done steaks, each fingertip being the varying degree of doneness. The second method is just to simply use a digital thermometer, placed into the center of the meat. At rare, the temperature will be 125 degrees. Increase that number by ten degrees for each degree of wellness, all the way up to 165 degrees for well-done.

  1. Let it rest.

If you cut into the steak too soon after it is done cooking, the meat loses its juices. If you let it rest for at least five minutes, it will allow the pressure inside the meat to go down and the juice to distribute itself through the meat. Put in on the cold side of the grill, or a wire rack instead of a plate to prevent the bottom of the meat from becoming soggy.

Take these tips, a great cut of meat, and start grilling!