6 Hacks to Understanding How Much to Tip for Valet Services


Using valet services helps to save you time frantically searching for a spot, especially when you’re late as it is. Knowing how much to properly tip is often a quest in and of itself, and keeping some tips in mind will help you to dole out the right amount of funds.

Standard Tip
CNN Money suggests that you hand over two one-dollar bills if the valet is bringing your car to you. You may want to consider remaining at this rate if the valet just parks your car too. For example, when you walk out of the restaurant or catering hall, you may see your car only a few feet away and have the capacity to walk to it and get on the road. Still though, the valet parked your car the beginning of the event, so you can offer a tip to compensate for that work instead. Certain factors may change your mind about how to tip in either direction.

Customer Service
You may expect a high level of customer service when you drop off your car or pick it up. However, take a look at the number of cars that are behind you. WikiHow reminds drivers that the valet staff members are often quite rushed. They are trying to safely and securely park dozens or maybe even scores of cars in a short period of time. While that doesn’t mean they should act rudely toward you, you will probably not have a lengthy conversation with them either. Basing your tip on this factor is unlikely to work.

Proper Care
When you park your car with a valet service, you are usually accepting responsibility in the event that someone breaks in or another self-driver damages your vehicle in some way, according to Central Texas Valet. However, if you tell the valet staff member important information and it is not followed through with, then you may want to reduce the amount of tip that you provide. For example, you may say that the automatic locks do not work on one side of the vehicle. As you are walking through the parking lot, you may see that your car is entirely unlocked.

Wrong Vehicle
At the end of the event, you will provide the valet attendant with your ticket. He or she will then retrieve the keys and bring the car to you. Imagine that the wrong car is driven up and handed over to you. That is a serious mistake. Just because you are an honest person and will tell the staff does not mean that everyone is. In another situation, the valet attendant could have driven your car to the wrong person. You might end up with a missing or stolen vehicle, so consider reducing the tip.

Full Service
On the other hand, you might have situations where you want to tip more. For example, when you arrived, the valet staff members opened the doors for you and your passengers. They may have offered to wipe down the windshield while you were at the event, or they may hand out complimentary car air fresheners or other items to each person who uses the valet lot. When the staff goes beyond what they are required to do, you may want to consider adding a few more dollars into the tip to show that you appreciate the work.

Other Situations
When you picture a team of valet drivers, you are probably considering professional and formal events. However, more casual events can elicit this driving need too. For example, your cousin might invite you to a block party on his or her street. When you arrive, you find your nieces, nephews and their friends helping to park the cars since the area is crowded. You might think that you don’t need to provide a tip since the service is coming from loved ones. Consider the fact that they are giving up some of their time to help out of the guests, and you may see a few more dollars coming out of your wallet.

When it comes to tipping the valet, a standard does exist, but you don’t have to stick to that standard every time. Judge the situation to figure out how much you should give.