6 Fast Facts to Know About How Aeration Works


Aerating a lawn is a task not many people enjoy completing. In fact, many property owners go years without properly aerating their lawn. While lawn aeration does not score many points for enjoyment, the task is necessary to assure the long-term health of your lawn. The next time you are debating whether it is worth the effort necessary to aerate your lawn, consider the following facts.

The Many Benefits Of Lawn Aeration

Aerating your lawn on a regular basis provides the lawn with a number of great benefits. These benefits work together to improve the overall health of your lawn and assure the proper growth of the lawn. Some benefits of lawn aeration are: 

  • A reduction in soil compaction. 
  • Improves the movement of water and air through the soil.
  • Promotes stronger root growth.
  • Prevents water runoff and pooling.
  • Eliminating thatch layers that exist between new growth and the soil. 
  • Improves grass seeding.
  • Improves ability of grass to withstand heat and drought. 

Lawn Aeration Should Be Done Twice Annually

At the very least, your lawn should be aerated each year in the spring and fall. Lawn aeration is most beneficial before major growth periods for lawns because it assures moisture and nutrition reaches all the areas on your lawn where it is needed. It is just as important to aerate your lawn in preparation for winter months because it is a preventive measure against damage from the multiple freezes your lawn might experience. 

Lawn Aeration Should Not Be Completed In The Summer

Though aeration has many long-term benefits, the process is also stressful for your lawn. With this fact in mind, you should not aerate your lawn at times when it is already stressed by the elements. Aerating your lawn during the heat of summer months can precipitate damage that is nearly impossible to combat before the season ends. When this happens, you will be forced to live with the damage to your lawn until the following spring.

Quality Tools Make the Job Easier

The tools available for you to choose from when planning to aerate your lawn are varied and plentiful. And in a general sense, the better the quality of the tool you use to aerate your lawn, the less manual labor necessary to complete the process. A professional quality lawn aerator is suggested. However, this equipment can be very expensive. It may be a good idea to rent a lawn aerator a couple of times a year than it is to purchase the equipment. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that your neighbors will likely need to aerate their lawn during the same time period. You can all save on the cost to rent a lawn aeration tool by chipping in on the cost of the rental. 

You Should Water The Night Before Aeration

Attempting to aerate a lawn that is too dry is a common mistake made by homeowners. The soil will be softer and much easier to work with if you take the time to water the lawn the night before. This practice assures one to two inches of soil will be removed by the aerator instead of making superficial dents in the top layer of the soil. 

Protect Sprinklers

People unfamiliar with the lawn aeration process often do not pay much attention to their sprinklers. This often results in sprinkler heads becoming damaged. One simple protection for your sprinklers would be to place a flag or other marker next to your sprinkler heads so that you can remain mindful of their location. Some homeowners have also placed large rocks over the heads of their sprinklers while aerating a lawn. 

The Bottom Line

No one will ever mistake lawn aeration for a fun or glamorous task. However, it is extremely important that you aerate your lawn in the spring and fall of each year. The benefits to your lawn from aeration are plenty and there are tools available that will eliminate much of the physical labor required in the process. Homeowners in need of the motivation necessary to complete their regular lawn aeration duties need only to consider the many positive benefits to their lawns.

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