6 Easy Hacks for Creating More Storage Space in Your Apartment


There might be a lot of things to love about apartment living, but one thing that you might not love so much is the fact that you might not have much storage space. It’s pretty typical for an apartment dweller not to have as much storage space as someone who lives in a single-family home, but these six easy hacks will help you create a lot more storage space without moving into a bigger place.

1. Store Some of Your Stuff Off-Site

Chances are that you don’t have to store all of your stuff in your apartment. If you can store seasonal items like clothing, holiday decorations and sports gear somewhere outside of your apartment, such as at a family member’s house or in a storage unit, you can create a lot more space.

2. Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need

You might have stuff in your apartment that you really don’t need or use, such as old clothing that might be worn out or that might not fit well anymore. Go through your apartment and look for things that you can give away, sell or throw away. You’ll create more storage space almost instantly, make your apartment look nicer and make it easier for you to clean.

3. Store Stuff Under the Bed

You might not have stored things under your bed since you were a kid, but this is actually a great space for storing stuff. You can use special storage containers that are designed to fit in these tight spaces and that are perfect for storing clothing that you might not wear very often, extra linens or just about anything that you don’t have space for.

4. Invest in Tall and Narrow Standalone Shelving Units

You probably don’t want to install shelving units on the walls in your apartment. After all, this could be a violation of your lease, and you would have to leave them behind after you move out anyway. This doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of this extra storage space that might be completely wasted right now, though.

Instead, you can purchase shelving units that will not damage the walls and that you can take with you when you move out. Look for tall yet narrow units that will not take up much of your limited floor space but that provide as much storage space as possible. Then, you’ll have a place for storing books, magazines, knickknacks and a wealth of other items. You may be able to find these shelving units cheap if you shop around or if you buy them used, and if you buy the right shelving units, they can add to the decor of your place, too.

5. Buy Furniture That Can Be Used for Multiple Things

Not all furniture has to be used for just one thing. There are a lot of furniture pieces out there that are great for apartment dwellers who might not have a lot of space. Buying a couch that can be converted to a bed is a good way to provide sleeping space for a friend who might spend the night while also furnishing your living area. Storage ottomans look nice, are useful for propping up your feet or sitting and can be used for storing stuff, too.

6. Use Organization Tools in Your Closets

Lastly, make use of organization tools in your closets. There are plenty of organizational tools that can be made to make your closets more useful. For example, an over-the-door shoe organizer is obviously great for storing shoes in your bedroom closet, or you can use it for storing ties, belts, scarves or other items. These can also be useful for storing toiletries in your bathroom closet and spices or other foods in your pantry.

Your apartment might not have all of the storage space that you need, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing that you can do about it. With these six hacks and a little bit of creativity, you can turn even a small apartment into a space that has plenty of room for all of your stuff. Plus, your apartment is sure to look neater when you’re done with your storage project, too.