5 Ways to Update Lighting in Your Home


Your choice of home lighting can either enhance the interior design of your home or diminish its impact. In addition, updating your home’s lighting can also improve its resale value, offering potential buyers a unique look that fits the home well and eliminates the need for improvement costs. Here are a few ways you can update your home that will have a dramatic effect on its appearance and desirability.

1. Match the Lighting To the Task

As you shop for new lighting fixtures, you are likely to find many interesting designs. However, be aware that the lighting you choose can help or hinder the tasks you do in a given room. Work areas, such as kitchens and home offices, require bright, direct lighting for the best results. Lighting in living rooms, dining areas and bedrooms can be more diffuse. You can use specialty lighting in various areas of your home to highlight artwork, plants or nooks to enhance the overall design of the interior.

2. Consider the Practical Effect of Lighting Designs

The fixture you choose has a direct effect on the light it provides. Some fixtures throw light directly downward, which is good for work areas, dining rooms and other parts of the home where focused lighting is desirable. Other fixtures are designed to throw light downward and to the sides. This type of fixture is a better choice for more widespread lighting in the room.

3. Make Your New Lighting Energy Efficient

Updating your lighting to be more energy efficient will not only lower your household energy bills, it will also be a feature that will attract potential buyers of your home. LED lighting has improved significantly from its early days. LED bulbs now provide softer light that still lowers your energy use. And today’s, fluorescent lighting is available in a range of different sizes and styles to fit any décor. Familiarize yourself with the new types of bulbs and their efficiency ratings. You will begin to understand the new choices that can help to modernize your home lighting.

4. Add Dimmers For Lighting Choices

Dimmers are a great way to provide flexibility to your home’s lighting. You can easily change the atmosphere and visibility for a range of activities in a single room. A dimmer allows you to have brighter lighting for welcoming your guests and circulating, with a lower-light effect for dining and familiar conversation. You can also use a dimmer to provide bright lighting for everyday family activities, but lower light for family video night. A local electrical contractor can help to install dimmers in various areas of your home, to maximize their adaptability for illuminating your interior spaces.

5. Use Your Creativity for Lighting Placement

Lighting fixtures can enhance the interior design of your home. Small lamps set near an armchair by the window, can lighting focused on your treasured collection of figurines or art lighting on a special painting can create a special effect that draws the eye and enhances the atmosphere of a room. Because homeowners can find such a wide variety of lighting styles and sizes today, they can use their creativity to create different effects in separate areas of their home interiors. You may fall in love with a particular lighting fixture design, but it may not fit the rest of your décor. You can still find a way to use it, if you implement your sense of creativity to create unique effect.

Good lighting can make life easier, as well as increase the comfort and enjoyment of your home. Consider these ideas for updating your interior lighting to make your home more efficient and more contemporary.

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