5 Ways to Strengthen Your Management Skills


In today’s capricious economy, it is important to evaluate your role as a manager and consider ways in which you can develop your skills. An efficient manager can turn a struggling company into an effective organization. In order to become efficient, it is crucial to evaluate yourself and find ways to improve. The following are five different ways in which you can improve your managerial skills.

Embrace Change.
Companies are always striving for innovative ways to improve their business model. Management Training Institute said, “One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a manager is to allow yourself to get too comfortable with a routine.” Instead, always consider new ways to revamp the way your business runs. Also, be mindful of your company’s direction and be prepared to champion a new program. In 2015 Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman screened through data for Forbes Magazine and the Harvard Business Review to determine why a younger generation of managers was performing better than the retiring baby boomer generation. One of the key aspects they found was the individual’s willingness to embrace change.

Learn To Manage Upwards.
Unless you happen to be the CEO or sole proprietor of a company, chances are you have a supervisor to answer to as well. One of the best ways you can be a manager is lead your own supervisor. Leading your supervisor is often referred to as managing upwards and is often a very delicate task. It can be accomplished by establishing clear communication with your supervisor. It is important to understand not only the what’s but the why’s of your company. Understanding your business’s vision, objective, and goals will help you to communicate your ideas to your supervisor more clearly, and your supervisor will be more apt to adopt your ideas.

Become A Trainer.
As a manager, you must understand you were not employed for what you can do yourself, but for what you can help others achieve. The University Of California San Francisco’s Guide To Managing Resources states in chapter 11 that a rapidly changing workforce environment “requires a skilled, knowledgeable workforce with employees who are adaptive, flexible, and focused on the future.” To ensure employees are performing to their full potential, it is necessary that you train them properly.

Provide Feedback In Real-time.
It is important to understand the sensitivity of timing when providing feedback to employees. When critiquing an employee’s work, it is imperative that you do so immediately. Waiting too long to inform an employee they made a mistake can be disastrous as the employee needs to be made aware of their error as soon as possible. This will allow you to work side by side with the employee to assure that proper procedures are followed currently and in the future. Immediate feedback is also important when providing praise. A pat on the back and a “thank you” or “good job” will motivate your employee and will usually result in higher productivity.

Manage Your Time.
In any work, time is of the essence, but this is particularly the case for a manager. You should have a daily planner. Write down each day before leaving work what not only what you would like to accomplish, but what you would like others to accomplish. Prioritize your list in order of importance. Set realistic time goals to achieve these expectations. Communicate with others what your expectations are and track progress throughout the day. You may find it valuable to save your daily lists. When planning tasks, it is convenient to look back on previous undertakings and determine if they need to be addressed again. At the end of the day, you should have achieved most of your list. Anything not completed should be added to the next day and given higher priority.

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