5 Ways to Party Responsibly at Your Local Sports Bar


Spending a little fun time at your local sports bar or pub can be a great way to unwind, socialize, or even just spend some time out. While such an occasion is meant in all regards to only serve as a good time, it can lead to some unsavory consequences if not enjoyed in a smart and safe manner. So, in that same spirit of safety and an overall, great time out, here are five things you can do to party responsibly during that much-deserved occasion.

1- Leave Valuables Behind

First of all, leave your cherished valuables at home. As tempting and easy as it can be to bring along that 24-karat necklace or your typical, wallet-full of personal certs, don’t do it. Not only can accidents and unforeseeable events bring harm or displacement to your valuables, so too can that occasional pickpocket or ultra-opportunist. If you already have these items with you when the choice is made to go out, consider other options such as leaving them locked up at a friend’s or hidden in the car before bringing them into the actual outing.

2- Breathalyze

Nearly everyone of partying age knows of the breathalyzer and its often dreaded use in the hands of law enforcement. Although begrudged by some, breathalyzing truly does save lives and prevents plenty of other tragedies in the process. Outside of official use though, did you know that you too can self-breathalyze with the use of a personal, portable breathalyzer unit?

These units are relatively old in the technology they employ. As a result they have become quite compact, effective, and portable over the years. Enjoy your breathalyzer in front of the gang as a valuable, real-life gauge for personal alcohol content or even novelty and fun, or perform your test in the privacy of the restroom for the more discreet approach. The choice is yours.

3- Communicate With Trusted Friends or Family

You want to enjoy your time out, but you want to stay safe in the process. One of the best ways to do this is by staying in communication with a trusted friend or family member. We don’t mean to say here that you need to constantly report on all of the night’s events, but sharing some basic location info with that ally can really help in any number of circumstances. According to Marina 84 Sports Bar & Grill, tell this person what your general plans are for the night, and if any changes to the itinerary take place, shoot out a quick text or call.

4- Pre-Arrange Transportation

If you’ve already decided to allocate your outing’s transport needs to an outside person or service, this is a great choice for maximum enjoyment – especially when it comes to the flow of beverage and cheer. With such arrangements for the use of a designated driver , you will be kept in safe hands and will not need to worry about legal and safety concerns when it’s time to go. Another advantage here is that you can pre-plan party time and limits when thinking is clear and at its best. Simply make the transportation arrangement for a sound time, and enjoy your previous, good judgment and clarity at that later junction when it’s needed the most.

5- Bring Along Good Company

Finally, one of the best ways you may enjoy that time out is by bringing along select friends or family members. It is important to consider though which of these people is most apt to overall reliability and making good judgment calls. If you are suspect for trouble and plan to bring along similar company, you can likewise expect unknown results and consequences from your outing.

We all want to make the most of our time out. This is quite doable while also making sure to not end the occasion with a bunch of resulting regrets. Keep these five tips in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to partying responsibly the next time you head out for a good time.