5 Ways to Encourage Learning in Children Over Summer


It is not uncommon for kids out of school for the summer to lose some of the things they learned during the school year. However, it is incredibly important to try to keep as much information as possible even during the long summer break. As a parent, there are several ways that you can encourage your kids to keep learning even when school is out for summer. Here are five ways to keep their minds turning when school isn’t in session.

1. Read More

One of the best ways to encourage learning even during the summer is by getting your kids to read more. Libraries often encourage summer reading by offering Summer Reading programs for kids of all ages. These programs aren’t the only ways you can encourage your kids to read more during the summer. You can create games and competitions with awards and prizes, especially if you have more than one child at home during the summer. You can always purchase books, but the best way to get kids reading is by taking them to the library. Plus, library books are free.

2. Summer Camp

Many areas offer summer camps for kids of all ages that not only get them up and active during the summer break, but they also help them learn various things. Some camps are dedicated specifically for learning in areas like math, English, or music. This is a great way to get kids involved and active with other kids, but it also keeps them learning in ways that they might never have imagined. One con about summer camps is most require an entry fee, which can be rather expensive, especially if you have more than one child.

3. Museum Trips

If you don’t want to send your kids to a summer camp, simply visiting various museums is a great way to keep the learning going even after the school year is over. There are museums everywhere that offer exhibits in everything from art to history to animals. If your kids prefer to be outdoors, try taking them to a zoo or aquarium where they can learn a little about various parts of the world while having a fun outing with you. The only downside to museums is they often cost a good bit more than other trips.

4. Practice the Skills

If you have younger kids, especially if they are learning how to write or read, workbooks are a great way to keep their minds working even during the summer. You can find great workbooks at bookstores, or you can find online worksheets that can be printed free from home. If you kids want something more digital, you can download specifically workbook apps on your computer, smartphone, or even tablet to keep the information they learned in school in their head. Many of the online sources and applications are fun and exciting ways to learn without that classroom setting. Some of them are free as well.

5. Current Issues

Older kids will appreciate this method of summer learning more than younger kids, and it can be a beneficial part of the summertime for their growing minds. Keeping up with current events can be as easy as watching the news or keeping up with newspapers or magazines. You can opt for local news or national news to stay on top of things, and you can even encourage your kids to find their favorite news topic for the week for the two of you to discuss. This will keep them thinking and get them involved in news, current events, and current issues.


Just because the school bell has rung, and the students are out for the summer doesn’t mean that learning must stop. In fact, learning during the summer is the key to having a successful school year. With the quick tips mentioned above, you can keep your kids’ minds turning all summer long, and they will be adequately prepared to take on the educational work of the next grade.