5 Ways Brain Training Improves Cognitive Skills


Exercising the body is something that most people make a part of their routine. To be sure, physical exercise on a regular basis is an important habit to undertake when you want to make sure you’ll live a long and happy life. You might find time to exercise regularly by taking a fitness class at your local community center or by joining a gym.

But there’s another form of exercise that can help you as well. It’s called exercise for the brain. Working out your brain works in much the same way as working out your body. You literally exercise it with moves, tricks and routines, which teach you helping ways of living. In fact, there are a multitude of key benefits when it comes to brain exercise. Here are just five.

Mental Exercises Help Your Brain in the Following Ways:
1. Improves your memory and wards off mental decline
First, mental training helps boost your memory. One of the reasons that many people experience memory loss in the first place is that we are all stuck in routines. Every day, you likely do much of the same thing. You wake up in the same place on the same side of the bed. You go to your kitchen to make some coffee. You might have a little breakfast and say good morning to your family. Then you go take a shower and enter the bathroom to brush your teeth. You go to work or school. And that’s your day.

Varying things up a bit can do amazing things for your life. Just changing the order of your routine can be beneficial. Studies have shown that this can improve your memory, and it also helps ward off mental decline that may be associated with Alzheimer’s Disease and other mental problems.

2. Gives you a stronger ability to multitask
Most people think they are fairly good at multitasking, but several studies have shown that it’s actually quite difficult. With that being said, there are a number of brain training exercises that do help you learn how to do more than one thing at a time. You can learn how to focus on several objects at once or use different parts of your brain at the same time. This is a skill that comes in very hand when it comes to doing things like taking care of children, cooking or driving.

3. Teaches more complex and quicker thinking
Much of what brain training does has to do with improving thinking skills overall. With a good brain training regimen, you will soon notice that you start to think faster and more clearly. It’s a quite amazing sensation as you near it.

Problems that used to be a challenge for you turn into easy tasks that you can parse out and separate into smaller steps. The ability to do this is often lost in our busy and hectic lives, and brain training helps you to finally slow down and experience life and challenges a little more slowly.

4. Puts you in a better mood
According to LearningRx, Studies have shown that brain training is a great way to put yourself in a better mood. The reason for this is mainly that when you focus on a task like a brain training exercise, you are allowing yourself to tune out all of the other stressors in your life. This is highly beneficial as it can finally give your mind and those cortisol levels a break. Cortisol is a stress hormone that pops up when you’re feeling particularly stressed out.

5. Provides more focus and clarity
Again, a seriously challenging brain training exercise doesn’t allow you to do anything else but think about what’s going on in the exercise. It’s an excellent way to tune out the stuff going on around you. And if you can do that, you’ll gain the wonderful ability of increasing your focus and clarity.

There are many brain training exercises that can be found online for free, or you can sign up for a brain training exercise program if you’re interested. Remember that there are even more benefits to training your brain than the five listed here. Researchers are always looking for additional benefits and always finding more.