5 Ways a POS System Will Up Your Corporate Cafeteria’s Crowd


Are you in charge of sales in your corporate cafeteria? Are you an operations manager at a company lunch room looking for new ways to improve service and make your employees happier and more relaxed during the lunch hour? Do you need changes toward more efficiency in your corporate lunch room, improving the overall health and culture of your corporation. For businesses that have hundreds of employees, there are few things that can be better for the cafeteria than installing a new POS system. A POS system, also called a point-of-sale system, is essentially a computerized cash register. It has many benefits that will drastically change your cafeteria crowd and energy while making your overall operation more efficient and financially successful. Read on to learn our five top ways a POS system will up your corporate cafeteria crowd:

Benefit #1: Touch and Go
POS systems offer touch screens, which make “ringing up” your customers easy and quick. You can move a lot of people through a line at a corporate cafeteria with a touch screen. With a few taps on your screen, the person is ready to pay and go!

Benefit #2: Barcode Scanners
Did the lunch hour somehow become crazed in your cafeteria. Are people in a line snaking around the cafeteria? Instead of making them wait, you can get more people through your lines quickly with your POS system’s barcode scanner. While one person is attending the computer screen, another person can be working the line with a barcode scanner and mobile payment device. You’ll be working double-time to get that line down to a manageable number.

Benefit #3: Less Trash, More Time
“Because POS systems are computerized, you’ll have all of your receipts in the computer,” said ARBA Retail Systems. If a customer really wants a receipt, you can print it off. But most people don’t. They just want to get on with eating their lunch. So you can check them out and they can be on their way with less trash and more time. Overall, expect a happier corporate cafe customer than ever before when you not only expedite their wait time but you send them away without a piece of paper they have to go throw away.

Benefit #4: Security is Top
New POS systems are secure for the many different kinds of payments you’ll be taking. So your corporate consumers can feel confident in using their credit and debit cards with your system. You can take as low of a payment as you want with a credit or debit card and a POS system, making it easy for that employee to buy that afternoon diet soda with his American Express. You set the standards for purchasing power in your corporate cafeteria, and a POS system will help you make it easy for your employees to get everything they need — and quickly!

Benefit #5: Get Precise and Accurate Sales Reports
Because POS systems are computerized, you’ll get accurate sales reports that are nearly always error-free. This is especially important when it is time to report to your higher-ups. There’s so much that can happen in the transferring of money in a cash register, but a POS system will keep a precise track of every transaction so you’ll always know how well you did throughout the cafeteria rush hour — all at ease of hitting a few buttons.

Who’s Ready for Lunch?
When you have an army of employees who are hungry and you can’t deliver on the expectations a corporate cafeteria sets — get ready to “hungry” turn into “hangry.” When employees can’t get the services and items they need quickly, they are likely to take their money to a different place. They could abandon your company cafeteria for an alternative eating place, and with income on the line for your company — your job also could be on the line. Instead, install a new point-of-sale system that works for your cafeteria environment and watch your sales soar and your employees begin to really enjoy the lunch hour.