5 Unique Kids Birthday Venues


If you are a parent, finding a venue for your kid’s birthday party is becoming more and more of a challenge. This is because most of the places have become common. There is also a possibility that you have already hosted a birthday for your kid in one of these venues. You want to find a place that is unique, new and exciting to act as your kid’s birthday space. Therefore, below are some of the venues that might interest you. These venues also come with creative themes that can spice up your party. Also, you can choose a musical performer to entertain your kids and their friends. 

1- Museum 

Fire Museums are becoming a fast sensation for kid birthday party venues. If your kid is fascinated by fire and they admire firefighters, this is a venue that you should consider. A fire museum is a dream party for any kid that wants to grow up to be a firefighter. You will also find a collection of fire-related art in the fire museum that your child can enjoy. Apart from fire art, other things such as fire gear, artifacts, and apparatus are present to give your child an exciting experience. Most of the equipment available is from the late 18th century, and they show the evolution of firefighting. Hence, your child will get a history lesson on fire as part of the birthday package which usually lasts for about two hours. 

2- Arcades 

An arcade is one of the venues that your child will fall in love with instantly. There are a variety of choices and games that you can choose from to make your kids birthday party more interesting. For instance, arcades have been known to have virtual reality clubs where kids can race cars and shoot down space aliens. Other games include the creation of cities and painting. You will also find extreme sports in an arcade. 

Some of the sports include paintballing, laser tag and archery tag. Virtual reality makes these games seem real, and your kid will love it. An arcade experience is one that your kid will never forget. With an arcade, you have the added advantage of having a separate party room that will be comfortable for you and your guests. Also, the room has modern games such as pinball that you can enjoy while your children are having fun in the arcade.

3- Bakery 

In a bakery, the professional pastry chefs teach your child how to decorate their cupcakes artfully. The children can also decorate cookies and mini-cakes. The activities that children can enjoy in a bakery vary according to the package that you will choose. The characteristic feature, however, is a cake prepared and decorated by the pastry chef shared among all the people present at the party. You also get additional drinks, decorations, and aprons for all your guests. 

4- Airport Party 

An airport party is an excellent choice for any kid that is fascinated with flying. Choosing an airport party will be the next best thing to getting airborne for your child. Some airports offer private room packages that you can choose. These rooms are spaces that you can use to host your kid’s birthday. You will also have activities that are out of this world such as K9 demonstrations, airport bingo, a scavenger hunt, and TSA demonstrations. You can also add a guided airport tour as an add-on package for the ultimate experience. 

5- Fashion and Tea Parties 

Tea parties are becoming common themes for children birthday parties. You can incorporate a fashion class where your child, whether a girl or a boy, can choose to sew clothing that they can wear in real life. In the fashion venue, you can also design a fashion project or a professional runway show for your kid. The tea parties are mostly suited for girls. The children wear tiaras, and they enjoy a royal tea party as they get pampered. Most of the tea parties start with a manicure and a pedicure and is followed by a dress up. The royal children are then treated to a cup of tea. There are additional parent hang out areas in these venues that you can use to relax and interact with other parents as your children enjoy the party. 

Make your child’s birthday wished come true by choosing one of these venues for their party.