5 Unique Gift Ideas to Give to a Chef


Do you have a friend who is a chef? When it comes to giving that friend a gift, what do you usually offer? Of course, most chefs like to get gifts that help them out in the kitchen.

But if you’re not into cooking yourself, picking the perfect gift for your chef friend can be sort of difficult. The following five products are awesome gift ideas for the chef in your life.

1. Spices or a Spice Box

If you are a professional chef, you will of course have tons of spices and herbs in your kitchen. But it can be difficult to store all of the spices and herbs that you own, and that’s why giving a spice box or a spice rack to the chef in your life can be a great idea.

Give them a rack or box empty so that they can fill it with their favorite spices. Or if you have some interesting spice blends or hard to find spices or herbs that you would like to get them, those can make great gifts as well.

The best spice racks and space boxes have labels that you can edit either with labels made from the computer or done by hand. They should be easy to read and easily organized.

2. Knives or a Knife Sep

Knives are a chef’s best friend, so it makes sense that these will be on the list. Often, chefs like to choose their own knives because everyone has different preferences when it comes to cutting and slicing. In this case, you might consider offering a gift card or gift certificate to your friend who is a chef so that they can pick out what they want.

On the other hand, going with any high quality knife is likely going to be an excellent gift for your chef friend. For example, paring knives and large chefs knives never go out of style. Or you might consider a long bread knife or a boning knife for boning various types of fish.

3. New Pots and Pans

Pots and pans are an expense for every chef. Most chefs these days like to use cast iron or copper pots and pans, but those can be quite expensive. Offering a pot or a pan or the whole sat to your chef friend is definitely a great gift to give.

When it comes to choosing an individual pot or pan, remember a few traits. First, look for heavy-gauge materials. Materials that are thin will heat unevenly, and you may notice that the bottom will warp or get dented easily. You should also stay completely away from nonstick services. My Chef Coats said, “Top quality chefs and cooks never use nonstick surfaces.” This is for a number of reasons. First, they prefer to use oils and butter to degrease their pans and pots. In addition, nonstick surfaces such as Teflon can be dangerous for your health, and most professional chefs are keenly aware of this.

4. Top Quality Digital Kitchen Scale

Up and coming chefs may not know that using a top quality digital scale is what all great chefs will use. In most recipes that you see online and in cookbooks, measuring spoons and measuring cups are used to denote the amounts of each ingredient that are necessary for a given recipe. But this is not how real chefs measure out their ingredients. A digital scale can help make recipes more accurate and the resulting dishes even better.

5. A Dehydrator

A dehydrator can make a great gift for a chef because not many chefs have them. Dehydrators are all the rage right now because many people are using them to make healthy snacks like eggplant or kale chips. You can also make killer beef jerky in a dehydrator, and it can even be used to dry herbs and spices from your garden.

Having a friend who is a chef is a great thing because you will probably be eating very well all the time! But when it comes to their birthday, Christmas or any other holiday that you celebrate, giving a gift can be a challenge. Hopefully these five ideas gave you some good motivation to find the perfect gift.

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