5 Tricks to Picking the Perfect Flower Bouquet for your Sweetie


As you might know by now, the romance of flowers involves much more than roses even though roses are considered among the most romantic type of flower. As unbelievable as it might seem, many people, both men and women, do not hold roses in high regards, favoring other flowers instead. You might be in a pickle about which flower bouquet perfectly suits your sweetheart. Worry not, listed below are five tricks to help you pick the most suitable flowers.

1. Choose a flower type that bears a significant meaning
The joy felt when one receives flowers make for a memorable occasion and is not quickly forgotten. Children usually receive the same kind of flower from their parents every year in celebration of their birthdays or any other special occasion before girlfriends and boyfriends enter the picture. On these occasions, popular cut flowers such as carnations, tulips, orchids, and daisies are presented as tokens of affection. Such flowers are revered through the adolescence stage and well into adulthood as a result of growing up with those memories. It is, therefore, important to learn if a particular bloom holds a special significance to your love when considering the purchase of flowers for any occasion.

2. Select fresh flowers that bear special meanings
Personally picking the flowers to be included in a romantic bouquet is among the most endearing acts you can do for your lover. “Taking the necessary time to learn the meaning of the different types and colors of flowers, as well as their significance to the recipient on a personal level makes for the most amazing and endearing part of any gift,” said Peter’s Flowers. Consider the following flowers when you are ordering a romantic flower bouquet since each bears a distinctive flower meaning. Remember to include the meaning of whatever flower you pick on the card.
• Lilacs mean first love
• Yellow Tulips mean hopelessly in love
• Holly means domestic happiness
• Larkspur means beautiful spirit
• Orchids mean delicate beauty
• Red Tulips mean declaration of love
Gifts that show how much you care are usually the best.

3. Go for romantic flowers for a more romantic gesture
Some fresh flowers can never fail you since both their beauty and prowess have withstood the test of time. Think of the flowers listed below when considering the flowers to include in your romantic bouquet.
Carnations: The feminine form, enticing fragrance, wide color variety and long vase life of carnations have made these flowers quite popular romantically.
Orchids: Always excellent options for romantic bouquets due to their graceful, colorful, and beauty nature. Whether you use these flowers in contemporary bouquets or traditional designs, the lofty reputation of orchids is sure to show your sweetheart that they truly are the finest person in your life.
Lilies: Always in style, the immense and showy beauty of lilies makes them an ideal addition to any romantic bouquet.
Tulips: Often used to indicate delicate but firm affection and beauty, tulips come in a variety of attractive colors, each bearing a significant meaning.
Iris: With it instantly enchanting properties, the amazingly beautiful iris comes in various colors from an appealing blue to a deep purple. Irises are meant to inspire hope and solidify friendships, offering the best way to tell someone they are still your dearest friend.
Daisies: Meaning innocence, the wonderfully beautiful daisies fill up every room with joy, offering an excellent way to cheer up or give hope to your sweetheart.

4. Pick a color
When your sweetheart does not understand flower meanings, send a bouquet filled with flowers of their favorite color, which shows you are paying attention and care enough to request a specially-colored bouquet. Picking a bouquet in your loved one’s favorite color makes the gift special in a profound and personal level. It shows that that particular gift was meant for them and only them. It also shows that you were specifically thinking about them when purchasing the flowers.

5. Consult your local florist
As a professional, your local florist probably has a comparatively better idea about the significance, vase life, fragrance, and overall effect different types of flowers have on people in general. It is, therefore, important to consult with your local florist before you make a decision. Combining the knowledge florists have about flowers and the knowledge you have about your loved one can result in amazingly effective outcomes.