5 Tools Every Esthetician Must Have On Their Facial Machine


As skin care has evolved, one career that has become very important is that of esthetician. Working with doctors, plastic surgeons, and in salons and day spas, these skincare professionals perform a variety of spa treatments, provide pedicures and manicures, and assist healthcare professionals in treating many different types of skin disorders. To accomplish this, an esthetician uses a variety of specialized equipment, all of which is specifically designed to perform various functions on a person’s skin. But to do so as effectively as possible, it is vital these professionals use state-of-the-art tools that come with the latest technology. If you are an esthetician or a person who is considering visiting one of these skincare pros, here are five essential tools every esthetician needs to have on their facial machine.

Facial Steamer

Considered one of the most essential tools of any esthetician, a facial steamer can perform a number of very important tasks on clients and patients. Used primarily to help moisten and cleanse the skin, it can also use steam that helps the skin’s pores expand, thus increasing blood circulation throughout the face and other parts of the body. Often coming with an adjustable extension arm, a facial steamer can also play a key role in helping with a person’s cell oxygenation, since it uses a special ozone variety of steam to stimulate cell growth and health.

Facial Vaporizer

Similar to a facial steamer, a facial vaporizer also uses steam and ozone together to revitalize a person’s skin on their face and nearby areas of their body. But along with this, a facial vaporizer is also used in aromatherapy treatments. Particularly popular in day spas, a vaporizer can use aromatherapy to help a person not only get revitalized skin, but also to relax and rid themselves of the stresses they have been experiencing in their life. Since stress is known to affect one’s body in many ways, estheticians place a high priority on using facial vaporizers to help their clients maintain a youthful appearance. 

Ice Roller

While many patients and clients make good use of facial steamers and facial vaporizers, many others also turn to ice rollers to help them get the results they seek. Part of what are known as cool therapy treatments, an ice roller is used primarily to treat acne, reduce skin redness, reduce lines and wrinkles, tighten the skin, and relieve muscle pain. Filled with water and specialized treatment gel that can be frozen very quickly, the ice roller is used with clients and patients undergoing such treatments as microdermabrasion, skin peels, microneedling, and other various treatments. 

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

Becoming more popular with clients at day spas who want extensive facials, an ultrasonic skin scrubber is an essential tool for any esthetician’s facial machine. Perfect for clients who want deep cleansing and maximum penetration of serums and moisturizers, the ultrasonic skin scrubber is also used extensively on patients who have undergone face lifts. Since these individuals need extensive care to make sure their procedures work as well as intended, skin scrubbers are used to exfoliate, massage the skin, and provide a deep cleansing that helps aid in the healing process. 

Skin Scanner

While most people believe looking in a mirror will reveal whatever skin issues they may have, the fact is this is simply the tip of the iceberg. To fully understand what is going on with their skin, a skin scanner is often required. Used by most estheticians to conduct an initial analysis of a person’s skin condition, a skin scanner relies on blacklight blue lamp technology to penetrate beneath the skin’s outer surface, revealing various conditions using fluorescent colors. By using this device, estheticians are able to detect such conditions as sun damage below the skin’s surface, clogged pores, poor circulation, dehydrated skin, and much more. 

When an esthetician has all five of these tools at their disposal, there is virtually nothing they cannot do with clients or patients. Whether working with people who are suffering from severe acne or sun-damaged skin, others who have tried everything they know to rid themselves of lines and wrinkles, or those who simply want their skin rejuvenated, these tools can do this and much more.