5 Things to Know If You Are Considering Plastic Surgery


The decision to have plastic surgery is an important, personal decision. There are many considerations to make before you decide to undergo cosmetic surgery so that you are able to clearly determine if plastic surgery will truly be a benefit to your life.

Why Do You Want To Get Cosmetic Surgery?
This is a very important question to ask yourself because cosmetic surgery involves both risk and financial expense. It is important to consider whether or not cosmetic surgery is right for you because it can drastically and permanently alter your physical appearance. You should never feel pressured into plastic surgery if you are comfortable with your overall physical appearance.

What Are Your Expectations For The Results Of Cosmetic Surgery?
Plastic surgery is a combination of surgical skill, aesthetics, and creativity. Your surgeon should make every effort possible to meet your cosmetic surgery goals but it is important to realize that some goals are not attainable through surgery.

If you are realistic about the results of your plastic surgery and you also have a clear vision of what you expect, you will probably be quite satisfied with the results of your cosmetic surgery. You doctor is able to help you determine if your goals are realistic for your body.

Dana M. Goldberg M.D. said, “Cosmetic surgery is great for the enhancement of your own features but it is not a very realistic expectation to duplicate the features and body characteristics of another person.” Expectations for drastic, miraculous transformations and a perfect body are not grounded in reality. Factual knowledge about a procedure can help you have realistic expectations. Talk about what to expect with your doctor so you will have a better understanding of the full range of results possible for a particular surgical procedure.

Plastic surgery outcomes are dependent on many factors such as your unique body, overall health, the type of procedure, capacity of recovery, and the skill of your surgeon. Cosmetic surgery will not solve all of your problems, but with realistic expectations, you will likely experience satisfaction with your decision to have cosmetic surgery.

Health, Nutrition, And Surgery
There is no surgical substitute for great health. You must be able to commit to taking care of your body both before and after cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery puts a lot of stress on your body and good nutrition is a cornerstone of speedy recovery. Good nutrition helps combat the risk of infection and scarring. It also helps reduce swelling, decrease pain and inflammation.

According to the Huffington Post, it helps to get your nutrition in order prior to surgery. Good nutrition through a proper diet, exercise, and supplementation is an important part of achieving optimal plastic surgery results. The result of essentially any cosmetic surgery procedure is substantially enhanced by proper preparation and weight loss prior to surgery and postoperative maintenance of weight. If you are considering plastic surgery, you must consider your ability to eat with purpose, not just to satisfy hunger and food cravings.

Certain diets can promote healing, improve overall results and help patients achieve and embrace healthy lifestyles. Also, most surgeons will tell their patients to quit smoking prior to surgery. Smoking has a negative impact on healing and surgical results.

Attitude Is Everything
It is no secret that positive attitudes produce positive results. Individuals that report a positive attitude before plastic surgery and about plastic surgery are more likely to experience postoperative satisfaction with their surgery.

Financial Considerations
Plastic surgery is not inexpensive. Unless you are quite wealthy, plastic surgery usually requires some financial planning because cosmetic surgeries are entirely elective procedures. Plastic surgery procedures are not emergencies and they are not medically necessary so all payments for surgery are due before the surgery is performed.

Most surgeons require advanced payment to make sure patients are not participating in surgery that is well beyond their financial means. Advanced payment also gives the patient peace of mind because the surgery is already paid-in-full and there will be no additional charges. Fortunately, you are able to plan your surgery far enough in advance that you can create and execute a solid financial strategy in order to pay for surgery.