5 Things to Know About IV Vitamin Therapy


Several studies have been done with the aim of showing the how IV vitamin therapy is effective. IV vitamin therapy is generally an effective way of supplying your body with nutrients it requires to function normally.

The therapy is effective simply because of the direct injection of vitamins into the bloodstream where they are immediately absorbed into body cells.

Below are 5 things to note about IV vitamin therapy:

1. IV Vitamin Therapy is painless

Those who fear needles might just feel a little discomfort while the needle is being inserted. Besides that, there’s no pain during IV vitamin therapy. People who are always afraid of needles later on come to realize the advantages of the therapy outweigh the discomfort by

2. IV Vitamin Therapy is secure

If you are hearing about IV vitamin therapy for the first time you might wonder if it is safe or not. Considering the fact that IVs are tools that are commonly used in healthcare facilities mean that the practice has somewhat been proven and qualified.

IV vitamin therapy employs a similar process in every session – making it difficult to experience any adverse side effects after the administration of the vitamins into the bloodstream. People often report having experienced a cooling effect at the injection spot as well as the taste of vitamin.

3. There is no wastage of nutrients in IV Vitamin Therapy

One of the reasons why IV vitamin Therapy is effective is the ability of the body to absorb maximum amounts of vitamins. It is more effective compared to normal absorption when you take food and drinks.

For people who take vitamins in the form of food or pills, processing is usually done by the gastrointestinal system which at that time might not be in its perfect state because of several reasons. This means that some nutrients will pass through the body without being absorbed.

Besides that, not many people are used to consuming raw food – meaning that most of the nutrients are lost in the process of cooking. This is different from IV vitamin Therapy where vitamins in their pure form are directly injected into the body system.

4. IV Vitamin Therapy can be helpful during Flu Season

This is also one of the important benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy. It has the ability to prevent you from Flu during cold seasons because of its function of boosting immunity in your body.

Vitamins such as C and Zinc and many others play different roles in your body such as keeping in check symptoms related to flu. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5409678/

5. People who get IV Vitamin Therapy injection feel the impact immediately

When people take in nutrients in the form of food and pills, sometimes it can take 24 or even 72 hours to fully ingest – to a place where they can feel the benefits. However, this is quite different when it comes to IV vitamin therapy – the effects are often felt almost instantly.

Sometimes it depends on which part of the body the IV Vitamin is injected. At times a person is able to immediately feel strong improvement in mental strength immediately after the therapy. This is because the vitamins are directly absorbed by the blood cells and get into work right away.

In general, IV vitamin therapy has been used for many years and has proved to be a reliable way of absorbing vitamins into the body system and start using them immediately. Some people have often criticized the method of nutrients absorption – terming it unsafe. Nonetheless, several studies have proved IV vitamin therapy as a safe healthcare method that can be used by anyone. https://edition.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/02/27/healthmag.vitamin.c/

Besides that, there are certain conditions that often make IV vitamin therapy most convenient compared to other nutrient absorption methods. For instance, when a person is ill and unable to eat due to lack appetite – IV vitamin therapy is the only convenient method that can be used to save the life of such a patient

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