5 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Liberal Democrats


You have probably heard people talk about liberal Democrats, especially during some of the year’s most contentious political fights. A survey shows that liberal Democrats represent around 24 percent of the population. There may be a few things you do not know about this group of people, which may be included in the following five facts.

1. Traveled Minds

One surprising revelation about liberal Democrats is they tend to be well-traveled or interested in traveling. Political scientists found that many liberal Democrats seem to be open-minded and are thrilled to try something new. This might explain why many liberals are quick to accept other cultures while conservatives feel a little more leery about them. Keep in mind that this is hardwired into their brains, which can make understanding the differences between conservatives and liberals a little easier. This may not be true about all liberal Democrats, but it is something that links many of them.

2. Trouble-Free

The same group of political scientists also found another interesting link among liberal Democrats, which deals with their outlook on life. It appears that many liberal Democrats are not hardwired to look for possible danger. Conservatives will stare at a crash or something dangerous a little longer than a liberal who will simply just keep going. This can explain why liberals might have an easier time accepting change or something foreign, while some conservatives may respond with some reservation. Again, this will not describe every liberal Democrat, but it is an interesting observation to point out.

3. Organization-Deficient

A third revelation that was found by this group of scientists is that many liberals are not too organized as oppose to conservatives. It seems that some conservatives like order and want things to be in there place whereas liberals do not mind so much. This is not to say that liberals are completely disorganized, but something being out of place may not bother them as much as it might a conservative. This could explain the reason why liberals are okay with the possibility of a little disruption in exchange for progress whereas conservatives like to stick to what works.

4. This Group is Growing

You might have already noticed this, but liberals are definitely growing in numbers, according to Last Men and OverMen. It is always good to have a few people backing you up, just in case you want to make a point. Liberal Democrats and their ideologies have doubled over the past two decades. The acceptance of these ideas went from 10 percent to 21 percent. It seems that 94 percent of Democrats are to the left of the median Republican. This does mean that the gap between the two is definitely growing. It makes sense that a country so politically divided would have a hard time agreeing on something, but that does not mean people should stop trying to reach each other.

5. May be Smarter

Many have speculated that liberals are a little smarter than conservatives. Well, a study reveals that this is generally true. It shows that people who think outside the box or are willing to take a step into new territory will likely be liberals. Some associate these findings to evolution. The experts believe that a person with a high intellect will find ways to survive rare circumstances. In essence, thinking inside-the-box is good when everything goes according to plan, but this mindset falls apart when something unexpected happens. This is the reason why smart people will likely be liberals; they are willing to think beyond the norm.

As mentioned above, it is important to stress that these facts are not meant to describe all liberals or conservatives. These are just trends, but they can be useful. Perhaps, some of these facts can be used to open up dialogue between the two ideologies in a time when they both seem to be pretty far from each other.