5 Special Occasions to Use a Fishing Charter For


There’s something liberating about private fishing charters that simply doesn’t come from the shoreline or bank river fishing. Although more expensive than the latter options, fishing charters turn an ordinary day on the boat into an unforgettable, extraordinary experience, taking you further into the waters than you could ever go alone while providing the expertise needed to catch large fish. Perhaps a fishing charter is worth the splurge when any of the five special occasions listed here roll around. They’re great occasions to enjoy fishing charters, even if it means spending a little more money than usual.

1- Bachelor Party

If you’ve been appointed the best man at the wedding, you have a job even before the big day. Planning an unforgettable bachelor party for your best man is just as important as serving in his wedding. These last days of freedom are important and he should remember them for the rest of his life. Forget the usual bachelor parties and arrange a special unforgettable day out on the water for your buddy and all of your closest pals. He’ll appreciate a chartered fishing event if he enjoys the outdoors.

2- Anniversary

Where better to go with your lover than on a private fishing charter far away from cell reception and Wi-Fi and of course, the hustle and bustle of the world? It’s a night that should be all about the person who’s made you smile for so many years now and on a fishing charter, keeping the romance alive is easy! Of course, the fishing charter also includes fun so your anniversary is complete!

3- Birthday

You get only one shot to make a memorable birthday; make it count for all that it is worth. Why settle for the same boring party that everyone else throws when you can take things to the next level and celebrate another year of life on the water in your own private charter? It’s one birthday celebration that will never be forgotten!

4- Family Reunion

Family reunions give families the chance to visit and spend time with one another for a few hours or a few days, sometimes after year of absence due to long distances or busy schedules. Many people hold family reunions at local event venues which work well, but why not do things differently for your family & plan a relaxing, fun, and enjoyable fishing charter for the family? Most charters accommodate as many as 100 people, giving you plenty of space to invite your family.

5- Job Promotion

When you finally land the promotion at work that you’ve been after for some time now it’s time to celebrate. And while you can celebrate by going out to the area bars or clubs, celebrating your rise to the top is much more relaxing when done on a charter. Invite a few of your closest friends, fish, enjoy the calming waters, and otherwise enjoy your new ranks within the company.

The Bottom Line

The five occasions above are a few of the special events worthy of a fishing charter adventure. However, any time is a good time to arrange a fishing charter if you don’t mind the splurge. You’ll enjoy some pretty amazing sights and scenes during a fishing charter, as well as the opportunity to catch great fish and learn from the pros who keep you safe and secure while you’re at sea. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy an amazing fishing charter when any of the five occasions above roll around!

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