5 Simple Ways to Be a Great Tenant that Landlords Love


Being a good tenant for is good several reasons. You get away with noise complaints if the landlord likes you and they might even give you more time in case you are late on rent. Cultivating such a relationship with the house owner is not easy. You have to prove to them beyond any reasonable doubt, that you are a trustworthy person. The following are five simple ways to be a great tenant that the landlords will love.

• Be prompt with rent payments
Make an effort to pay your rent on time. You can pay before the deadline to give the landlord time to process the payment. If you pay using a check, always do it before hand to avoid hold ups by the bank. Such a holdup by the bank might make the landlord like you less. In case you will be late, make the responsible decision to explain yourself to the landlord and set another day for payment.

• Maintain the rental house
Landlords feel offended when tenants trash their rooms. Some of the damages caused to one unit may affect others in an apartment building. If the bathroom tub of a top unit is leaking, it will soak into the ceiling of the unit below. As much as you think your deposit can cover the cost of your damages, it might not include any widespread problems. A landlord will evict you immediately they notice such careless behaviors. At the same time, you do not want to lose your deposit or security. Keep your rented place clean and take good care of it. This will maintain a good relationship with the landlord.

• Do not interfere with other tenants comfort
The rental houses may be a home for you and others; but they are a source of livelihood for your landlord. Doing things, that may make other tenants uncomfortable enough to move out, will get you on the owner’s bad book. Some of the things that might scare other tenants include knowing you are in a criminal gang, or you are a drug dealer. No one wants to imagine they can be caught in crossfire at their residency. In case you do any drugs, do them away from the house. Avoid weird habits such as hitting on your neighbor’s underage daughter. Such things make you dangerous.

Pests such as bedbugs and lice easily spread to the other tenants creating a problem that requires a terminator. They cost money and may be very expensive for an entire building. You can avoid bringing in pests to the house, by not bringing free furniture home or picking boxes from the dumpsite. As much as something looks like it can be used, it may be full of bedbugs. If the landlord notices your bad habits have brought in cockroaches or bedbugs, they will kick you out so that they can quickly fumigate the house when it is empty. Evicting you will also prevent the spread of such pests to other houses.

• Don’t hold overnight parties
If you are living in a house that is not sound proof, you may want to go slow on the night parties. People who have early mornings cannot sleep through your loud music and will immediately make noise complaints to the landlord. Greenlee Realty Group said, “If your parties are frequent, the complaints will leave the owner with no option but to evict you.” If you are a free spirit or a college student, look for apartment buildings with similar people. You can have your parties every night without worry of eviction.

• Disclose extra guests and do not sublet
Landlords prefer to know every person in their houses to avoid trouble makers. In case you have someone for a while, inform the owner and vouch for them. It will ensure they also comply with the agreement you signed when moving into the house. You cannot sublet someone your apartment because you will be out of town for a while. Such an action will make the landlord evict you immediately. The people you sublet are not under any contract and cannot be held responsible for any damage they cause.

Abiding by the stipulated rules will ensure the landlord likes you. They are always happy with any tenant whom they don’t have to summon frequently.