5 Simple Reasons to Use Event Photography at a Corporate Event


Event photography is one of the trending practices on company events. It involves hiring professional events photographers who are responsible for capturing crucial moments of the occasion especially the guests. So, why hire an event photographer(s) when you could easily take the photos yourself?

1. Their Unique Skill Set

You are the CEO or the lawyer of a particular company. Probably you are not a professional in handling a camera and changing its settings. You should let the experts do all that.

Their timely shots and image manipulation through taking a single image through multiple dimensions is something that you cannot do using your home camera. Event photographers are well trained to handle complicated hardware and software with great body and mental composition; individuals in the event may be laughing because of a joke, but these guys are stern serious and ready to take these captivating moments.

Corporate event photography require a certain degree of personal distinctness and also equipment which is expensive to buy and maintain. By hiring event photographers, you are always a step ahead on planning on how to set the stage since they know how to provide what you are looking for. These guys dress as CEO’s; you will only notice them from their flashing cameras!

2. Quality Images

Event photographers usually capture professional images that will last a lifetime. Using precision set cameras and their experience, they take clear and inspiring pictures for social media use and documentation.

My Ph.D. in Economics is worthless when it comes to photography. Despite having the most expensive and high precision cameras, if you aren’t a photographer, you will end up with crowdy, blurred and half-cut pictures. Leave it to the professionals.

3. For Photo Marketing

Images have the potential to elicit an emotional response from the viewer. They easily communicate and pass information quicker than text. By using event photographers, your firm has the chance to showcase its services and strengths to prospective customers and investors. They inspire, provoke, inform and entertain.

For example, take the image above as an example. It shows an active customer service desk which is always the sought-after service in all organizations. When customers see such a picture, they are more inclined to visit the firm and head directly to the service desk for any inquiries. By offering excellent customer services, it is, of course, a possible source of new clients/customers and a method of maintaining the loyal ones.

Where can you use the event photos for marketing?
Rather than having a gallery slider on your website, you can also share the images through:
• Social media
• Blogs
• Future occasions invitations
• Advertisements

4. They allow Flawless Networking and Commitment

When you hire an expert photographer, you get adequate time to connect and socialize with other people of the same or different levels. These connections usually prove useful for partnerships, benchmarking and sharing opinions.

Also, potential investors and customers take event photography as an essential duty. It is a good show off what a firm is willing and capable of doing.

5. They Capture Memorable Moments for Everyone

Images are quite evident in most of family-run companies. Event photography captures everyone in one photo that usually ends up in a glass-protected photo frame that is handed over from generations to come.

Also, without necessarily handing over the photos to several generations, the images act as a reminder of an important event that was held by the company.

Wouldn’t you work hard if you saw photos of the best male worker down the hallway, in annual reports or company yearbooks? Most people would work very hard to be featured in one of those company yearbooks. Serves as a good “referral” when searching for a new job.

Event photography is one of the most potentially rewarding activity for creating a substantial portfolio and reputation for your company. It provides outstanding results and quality assurance. While you may think it is an expensive deal, corporate events photography is worth your money. It can also help you to spare a lot of time for other vital activities within the organization event schedule.