5 Reasons to Throw a Paint Pottery Party


Painting pottery parties have become some of the most popular types of get-togethers in recent years. While this type of party is often a favorite of parents planning a child’s birthday party, the adult versions of these parties, including the adult beverages, do exist. If you’re thinking about hosting one of these parties, but still on the fence about actually having the painting shindig, this list of five reasons why may just convince you to break out the paints.

1. Simplifies Decorating
Let’s face it. If you’re having a party, you’ll probably want to have decorations for the festive event. InStyle recommends pairing down your decorative choices to make your life less stressful as you plan for the party. But this is where a paint pottery party offers you an advantage. Much of the finished pottery can replace the regular party decor, and much of the decor for such a party consists of spreading out plastic tablecloths to protect the furniture. It’s a win-win all around. And fun to boot.

2. It Adds Variety to the Typical Party-Going Experience
Parties often consist of dinner, drinks, and coffee plus a whole lot of chatter. While there is nothing inherently wrong with these activities, they are also commonplace. A paint pottery party shakes this up and makes conversation both lively and messy, the latter being a factor that many adult party hosts strive to avoid. However, with built-in cleaners in the form of party company staff, you can once again discover the joy of just getting dirty or messy in this case. This promotes feelings of freedom and fun, experiences that most adults don’t get enough of.

3. Party Planning Becomes Easier
According to Paint Your Own Pottery Studios, painting parties or their counterparts, the paint-n-sip, make party planning a breeze. Often they take place in a special studio with a trained staff. However, many of them provide a traveling studio. You don’t have to leave the house and much if not all the clean-up is provided by the host company’s crew. You just do the inviting. Additionally, because you’re hiring a company to host the party, you don’t have to pay for supplies like paints and brushes. Some companies even have an in-house bar and bartender, a feature that would break the bank for most home party planners.

4. Encouraging Variety
Oprah.com suggests that the best parties have an assortment of different types of people. The problem with this is that some people are shy. They don’t always want to walk up to another person and strike up a chat. However, painting pottery parties situate guests around a table, where conversation can flow more organically. What may start with a simple request to pass the paint may end up in a phone-number exchange and new friendships.

5. Get Creative
Painting parties encourage their participants to exercise their creative muscles. Besides being just plain fun, creativity also makes you healthier, according to the Huffington Post. The benefits include an increase in feelings of well-being; a reduction of stress; and improved creative flow.

Additionally, people experiencing grief found relief in art activities like painting, drawing, and dancing. And this isn’t just some feel-good mumbo jumbo. The body shows signs of improvements in stress levels as well as improvements to the immune system in some medical tests. This is just one more reason to go with a paint pottery party instead of your standard dinner party.


Painting parties offer you a fun alternative to the standard adult dinner and cocktail party. Giving your guests some paints and an assortment of pottery to decorate opens up conversations, helps to relieve stress, and adds plenty of variety. Additionally, these parties ask guests to tap into their creativity, which has health benefits. All in all, paint pottery parties offer you a lively and unusual way to catch up with friends and get your creative juices flowing!