5 Reasons to Rent a Golf Cart on Your Beach Vacation


Nothing quite compares to taking a well-needed getaway to the beach and soaking in the sun, enjoying the beauty of the ocean and its waves, and walking along the soft sands. While this is true, there are other parts of a beach vacation that could go a lot smoother, such as, having to walk everywhere, difficulties with finding a place to park, and toting around all of your beach gear while you find that perfect spot in the sand to relax for the day. Instead of having to deal with all of this, while you are in paradise, you could be having a whole lot more fun and spending a lot more time on the beach if you rent a golf cart on your next beach vacation. Below are five ways that a golf cart will help you to have a much better time on your next beach trip.

1- No More Carrying Around All Of Your Gear

Have you ever been to the beach and discovered that all of the gear you have with you makes you feel more like you’re working rather than vacationing? After carrying all of the towels, water, chairs, umbrellas, sunscreen, snacks, hats, and other accessories, you might feel like you are ready to call it quits before you even get to the beach. When you rent a golf cart, you, along with the rest of your family, won’t have to lift a thing; except when you load it into your cart. To give everyone plenty of leg room on the relaxing trip to the beach, you can also load all of your stuff into the trunk. After that, it is as easy as picking out the perfect spot on the beach for the day.

2- You Can Save Money On Gas

Who doesn’t want to save money while they are on vacation? The truth is, vacations cost, and they can cost even more with the gas you have to purchase if you have to spend extra time driving your car all over the place. Golf carts are small and easy to get around in, and they can cost you nothing at all if you are staying in a beach rental where you can charge one up.

3- Getting Around Will Be A Breeze

It is the norm that the majority of beach towns are golf cart friendly; in fact, many towns and cities are becoming so. This means you will have a much easier time getting around in one than you would in your own car. A lot of the time, you can bypass the rest of the traffic that is all jammed up waiting to get to that popular destination near the beach, and the icing on the cake is that many beach destinations have separate parking for golf carts. If they don’t, it doesn’t matter that much, anyhow, because you can easily glide into tight parking spaces that other vehicles can’t.

4- Your Vacation Will Be Much More Environmentally Friendly

Most golf carts are powered by electricity rather than gasoline, and the ones that are powered by gasoline are extremely fuel-efficient. This means that you are leaving either no pollution ,in your wake, as you drive or very little. Now you can soak in all of those beautiful sun rays while knowing that your carbon footprint is very small. Besides, golf carts are becoming all of the rage in the electric vehicle world today, and they might be the face of the future for environmentally friendly vehicles.

5- You Can Stay Cool

The beach and the sun can be wonderful, but they can also become very hot at times. Instead of being cooped up all day inside of air conditioning, in between your beach sessions, you can go for a nice, relaxing drive in the open air in your golf cart. On top of allowing you to take in the gorgeous sights, golf carts can provide shade while you are out on the sands of the beach, and most of them include cup holders so you can gulp down something nice and cold.

Not only do golf carts offer all of the benefits above, they can also be a lot of fun to drive around in. If reducing your stress, lightening your load while walking around, and being respectful to the local environment that you are visiting sound good to you, a golf cart rental would be a wise decision for your next beach getaway.

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